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Sharon Rose
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Sharon Rose Story. Interviewed by Belle Niba African Vibe Editor in Chief. Photo credit Sharon Rose

If you have never heard of her, soon you will. Her song L.O.V.E will have you tapping your feet, moving your head, and jumping off your seat to move to the beat. She is the new kid on the block and her talent is unquestionable. The 19-year-old singer has shared the stage with the likes of General Levy and Jahaziel and she is called Sharon Rose.

Sharon Rose was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the UK when she was 9 years old. She is unafraid to get up on that stage and do her thing. I caught up with the budding star as she prepares to release her new single L.O.V.E next month for an interview.

Belle Niba: How did you start out in the music business?

Sharon Rose: Well, I woke up one beautiful morning during the summer and I said to my brother “I want to do an album and can you make some music for me please” and after a month and a half, we had written, produced and recorded the album and were preparing for the show which was going to be a few weeks after we had finished recording!

Belle Niba: Looks like you have been working hard. What has the journey been like in creating your own single?

Sharon Rose: It’s been like MAD hard work, but that’s a good thing! It’s been exciting and eye-opening!!!

Belle Niba: Which artists have inspired your album and career?

Sharon Rose: On my first album, I have to say that my inspiration came from people like Jill Scott and Beyonce …but I was still trying to discover myself and what I was good at. For this album, names like Coldplay, Robyn, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, Lauryn Hill, CeCe Winans, Pink, and Jill Scott pop up! It’s crazy! Lol

Belle Niba: Who writes your songs?

Sharon Rose: My brother and I wrote the songs for the first album, but for this one, I’m taking the lead for a bit…showing my skills, but its not completed yet, so you never know!

Belle Niba: Why did you choose to sing about Love in your first single?

Sharon Rose: Because I wanted to (lol)! Nah but seriously, I love Love…so I thought it only right to write about it! Also because it’s a quirky subject and it’s almost summertime and people like that sort of stuff at this time of year!

Belle Niba: How has life changed since you became an artist?

Sharon Rose: When I became an artist, I thought it was going to be a fun and easy ride! But I realized really quickly that there is a lot of work to be done and that I had to get up off my butt and grind! Some of the challenges have been the traveling thing and keeping up with the business side of things-learning to be patient and working with people who are less than the patient! But I realized that every second I waste getting worried about something stupid, someone else is getting on with work that I should be getting on with, or someone else is earning money I should be earning, so I try by all means not to worry!

Belle Niba: Have you gone through moments when you doubt yourself?

Sharon Rose: I definitely have been through those moments and it is mostly when I see someone who I think is better than me at singing or performing but then I realize that there is NO ONE in this world that can do what I can do so I quickly snap back and do my thing!!!!

Belle Niba: I hope you all stop by her website at and show her some L.O.V.E

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  1. I think the thought of earning money because somebody (a competition) is not earning has been ruining african progress and properity. Such win-los thinking fuels jealousy, hatred, anger, revenge and superstitious emotions. These emotions are discouraging/demotivating collaborations amongst/within Africans and their communities.

    The thinking of being the best you can and developing your skills and know-how in delivering your optimum has been demonstrated by a great artist (Michel Alibo). This thinking has guided Alibo to perform in Over 300 Musical recordings with various artists. Such a repertoire of recordings is an evidence of what fosters Alibo’s collaborative skills and know-how. As Michel Alibo expresses it: It is about working to being your best not competing with collaborators and potential collaborators.

    Bringing out your best Art should be an inspiration. I hope Artists do inspire Africans to collaborating and collaboratively develop their communities, rather than fueling jealousy, hatred, anger, revenge and superstitions.

  2. i dont think that she was talking about earning money in the context that you’re thinking! i think what she was trying to say is that there are too many african people out there sitting on their backsides because they want to sell themselves short: either they think they’re not good enough or someone out there can do better!
    THAT is the attitude that holds people back…i also believe that people hide behind the idea that other people are ‘ruining africa’s progress’ and THEY THEMSELVES aren’t doing anything to increase africa’s progress! i firmly believe that every person has to individually make an effort to bring forward what they can to make our beautiful continent a better place to live for our chldren after us!
    So as Sharon Rose said when I “realize that there is NO ONE in this world that can do what I can do” then i am able to be a better person, not only for africa’s sake, but for the sake of the world!

    its not about competition…its about realising your potential!

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