On our Radar: The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

On our Radar: The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

On our Radar: The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Jill Scott
Ladies’ Detective Agency Jill Scott Photo by Sandra Alphons from Flickr

will be coming to HBO with her new series, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. She will be playing Motswana detective Mma Precious Romatswe, the main character in Alexander McCall Smith‘s series of novels on which this series is based, starting on March 29th alongside Anika Noni Rose.

BBC viewers in the UK already got to see the 90-minute pilot movie of The No. 1Ladies’ Detective Agency, and word is that Jill puts in a fantastic performance. Check out the preview and drop your comments on the show.


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  1. I loved the first and second episodes!its entertaining and genuine and I think Jill scott did a great job with regards to the accent.I think it will become a hit show and i would advise all africans to watch it.

  2. This show is one of my fav past times on Sat on HBO. Jill Scott has the accent down! Its been a tasty treat watching the show, and getting to see a none demeaning portrayal of Africa.

  3. This was a wonderful series. I hope they plan on filming more positive, fun and beautiful African stories like the ones that were depicted. Jill Scott did a wonderful job of acting as a Southern African. I really appreciate her talent as a singer and an actress. She is a great entertainer.