Nollywood Actress Omoni Oboli will not bare her assets for $500,000



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In the emancipated Hollywood of 2009, you might think that on screen is less of an issue. And to a degree, thatโ€™s probably true with fewer performers admitting to hang-ups about baring all. Yet, itโ€™s still a no-no for many stars, including Nollywood newcomer Omoni Oboli who recently turned down a Hollywood role as a lead lady for $500,000 because the Producer will not remove 3 nude scenes.

โ€œI made it known to him (the Producer) that in my culture, you are only subject to your husband. I truly love my husband. Also, I donโ€™t believe actresses in Nigeria have gone so low to get this kind of pay, but there are some who believe that acting nude can help them get a house in VGC or Lekki; they should, however, think twiceโ€ the actress commented to the Daily Trust.

Omoni Oboli, who is married and has three kids, is only one of many actresses raising issues with nudity in scripts. Two months ago in London, where Julia Roberts was launching her latest movie, Duplicity, she confirmed to the tabloid Daily Mail that she had rejected a raunchy sex scene with co-star Clive Owen. The Mail decided Roberts also took a swipe at fellow Oscar winner Kate Winslet by criticizing nude scenes involving actresses who have children. โ€œYou know itโ€™s not really what I do, so if you are going to ask me to do it, you have to expect it to be toned down,โ€ she told The Mail. โ€œAs a mum of three, I feel like that.โ€

Some still wonder why there should be any controversy at all.

Academy Award winner, Helen Mirren, now 63, was scarcely out of her teens when she first bared all for director Michael Powell and co-star James Mason in the 1969 film Age of Consent, which was recently restored for DVD. โ€œI think I had the honor to do the first full-frontal nudity outside of a porno film,โ€ she proudly remembers.

Rene Russo had no reservations about going nude at the age of 45 for the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, a movie that featured some steamy encounters with Pierce Brosnan. Cynthia Nixon went the full female Monty in the film version of Rene Russo had no reservations about going nude at the age of 45 for the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, a movie which featured some steamy encounters with Pierce Brosnan.

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Cynthia Nixon went the full female Monty in the film version of Sex and the City, but her three co-stars were more reticent. Kim Cattrall, who thought nothing of being naked in the original TV series, had second thoughts at the age of 51. Her nudity was more discreet: in her big scene, her naked body was covered in sushi.



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  1. I think ur should fire her. Nudity comes with the joe. If she says is against her culture why she became an actress? She need to fine another job. Acting is not in her fulture. Anyhow she canโ€™t act, she one of africa west actress .we donโ€™t need her!!!

  2. Joanna,
    I think if it were you you will jump and do the nude scenes, maybe you do not have any issues with that, but some might have some issues doing that.
    So just respect their point of views and not jump in some conclusions that are not true.
    I fact you should have admired her for stepping for her cultures and values not to
    sacrify them in the name of money.

    thank yopu

  3. I really respect her for not joining the queue of those not-so-sensible actresses that deny their culture for an amount that would surely finish one day. Joanna must be a silly ass from that response. i hope you are not a Nigerian cos u a a disgrace 2 african women.

  4. Infact, i give kudos to her. No africa culture permit us to be naked for the whole world to see cos of useless money they her looking for. One idiot son/daughter of the beach also support nudity which God Himself detest.