In The News: African Vibes Magazine’s 2010 ‘I Wear African’ Runway Report On The Examiner

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I had the opportunity to speak with the Vibes Magazine editor-in-chief Belle Niba about the ‘‘ fashion show held in Los Angeles recently and profiled the work of two designers and , whose work was featured in this years event.

African Vibes Magazine editor, Belle Niba has always been a follower of fashion. However, I found this out recently, after asking her how much of a fashion fan she was. Her reply was clear.”OMG! I’m a die-hard fashion fan… a total sucker for fashion week too!”

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It makes sense then, that Niba would use this love of fashion to “shine a positive light on Africa and Africans,” by organizing a fashion show, held in Los Angeles recently. This event was called, “I wear African.” [READ THE COMPLETE STORY]

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