Ghana Begins Construction Of A New Drinking Water Supply System

Ghana Begins Construction of a New Drinking Water Supply System
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President Akufo Addo with Ya Naa laying foundation for the Yendi water supply system project

In August, Ghana’s incumbent government led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo cut the sod for the construction of a new water supply system. The project aims to expand the drinking water supply in Yendi, a town in north-eastern Ghana. While speaking at the sod-cutting ceremony, President Akufo-Addo highlighted that the current water supply of the town was built back in 1941. Since then, it has never undergone any rehabilitation works.

According to the government authorities, the old water facility is no longer in working condition. As a result, it can barely satisfy the demands of the people of Yendi. Also, due to the rising population and economic growth of the area, the construction of a new water system was imminent. Ultimately, the initiative will improve the drinking water supply to hundreds of thousands of people. After two years of negotiation, the plan is getting underway. Consequently, Exim Bank of India has opened a line of credit of 30 million dollars. This is coming nearly 59 years after the installation of the first drinking system.

What is the new water supply system?

An Indian provider of integrated and customized solutions for the suitable development of water, infrastructure, and electricity projects, has been awarded the contract for the implementation of the plan. The company operates under the umbrella of the Government of India’s ministry of Jal Shakti. The work on the extension of the water system began in July 2020.

The initiative involves pumping water from the Dakar river which runs through the northeastern part of the country before flowing into the Volta river. The pumped water will be conveyed through a 25 km long pipeline. Firstly, the water will be treated at a plant with a capacity of 15,000 m³a per day. Subsequently, the clean water will flow to the reservoir for gradual onward delivery to the consumers.

Also, there will be a booster station that pushes the water towards the users and replaces the force of gravity from a water tower. Ghana’s government says that the project Yendi will also be rehabilitated. Subsequently, the water distribution networks in the area will also extend to over 50 kilometers. Ultimately, the new water system will provide Yendi people and its surrounding Nakpachei, Adobo, Ghani, Sambu, and Kuga with 15,000 m³ of water per day. This will help to meet the demands of the people for drinking water by the end of 2040.

Water Crisis in Yendi, Ghana

The Yeni township in Ghana has been hit by a recurring water crisis. It is now compelling the residents to drink contaminated water from the same source as their animals. Businesses often rely on a few boreholes, most of which are drying up. The situation in the area compels pupils to abandon their classrooms in search of clean water for domestic use. Water tankers are exploiting the situation to sell water at expensive rates. This makes it difficult for residents to afford.

The Yendi community and 281 others relies on river Dakar for water supply. However, the river is drying up in recent years. The perennial water shortage is due to erratic rainfall pattern in the northern region. This new project raises the hopes of the people in this area. Upon completion, it will safeguard people from chronic water diseases, help the local business, and support the agricultural activity in the region.

President Akufo-Addo is one of the leading African heads of government that is championing human development. This is another giant stride in his determination to ensure better lives for Ghanaians. Perhaps, he deserves an award for his efforts so far. Tell us what you think in the comment box below. 

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