Geraldine George Makes History as Liberia’s First-Ever Female Defense Minister

Geraldine George
Geraldine George

Geraldine George has made history in Liberia by becoming the country’s first-ever female defense minister. This historic appointment is not only a significant milestone but also a testament to the progress towards gender equality and empowerment of women in Liberia.

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George’s groundbreaking role as defense minister signifies a positive shift in the political landscape, breaking traditional barriers and paving the way for more women to assume leadership positions. This appointment highlights the importance of gender equality in politics and sends a powerful message that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated fields.

This historic appointment is not only a landmark achievement for Geraldine George but also for the entire nation of Liberia. It signifies progress, hope, and the potential of women in leadership.

Geraldine George’s Background and Achievements

The Deputy Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of Liberia, Brig. Gen. Geraldine George visits with Staff Sgt. Clifford Mua of Michigan's Air National Guard during exercise Northern Strike 19 July 25, 2019 in Alpena, Michigan.
The Deputy Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of Liberia, Brig. Gen. Geraldine George visits with Staff Sgt. Clifford Mua of Michigan’s Air National Guard during exercise Northern Strike 19 July 25, 2019 in Alpena, Michigan. [Photo by Capt. Joe Legros]

Geraldine George is a highly accomplished individual with extensive experience in both the public and private sector. With a background in finance and economics, she has held various prominent positions in Liberia, demonstrating her expertise and dedication to serving her country.

But George’s contributions exceed the corporate world; she has been actively involved in empowering women and advocating for increased female representation in leadership roles. Her commitment to creating opportunities for women and championing gender equality has earned her recognition and admiration.

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George’s appointment as defense minister not only highlights her capabilities and achievements but also serves as a milestone for the progress of women in Liberia. She is paving the way for more women to enter leadership positions, breaking barriers and challenging traditional gender norms in the process.

As a role model and advocate for women’s empowerment, Geraldine George’s accomplishments and leadership exemplify the transformative impact that women can have in Liberia and beyond.

The Significance of Gender Equality in Defense and Security

Geraldine George

George’s historic appointment sends a powerful message that women are capable of excelling in positions that have long been dominated by men. Her leadership and presence in a traditionally male-dominated field will inspire and empower more women to pursue careers in defense and security.

Diversity in decision-making processes within the defense and security sectors is of utmost importance for effective and inclusive governance. Having different perspectives and experiences at the table allows for a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to addressing the complexities of national security.

“Ensuring gender equality in defense and security is not only about representation, but it is also about harnessing the potential and unique contributions that women can bring to these fields.”

With George at the helm, Liberia’s defense and security sector is poised to become more inclusive, efficient, and responsive to the needs of the nation. Her leadership will pave the way for more women to enter and excel in these critical areas, further advancing gender equality and empowering women in Liberia.

Geraldine George’s Vision for Liberia’s Defense Sector

Geraldine George

As Liberia’s first-ever female defense minister, Geraldine George has a clear vision for the country’s defense sector. Her appointment marks a significant milestone in Liberia’s political history and highlights the importance of empowering women in leadership positions.

George aims to prioritize the modernization and professionalization of the armed forces, ensuring the safety and security of the nation. By enhancing the capabilities and efficiency of the defense sector, she envisions a stronger Liberia that can effectively respond to current and emerging security challenges.

In addition, George is determined to empower women within the defense sector and provide them with opportunities for advancement. She recognizes that diversity and inclusivity are vital for a resilient nation and plans to implement policies that promote gender equality and support the growth of women in defense-related careers.

“I firmly believe that an inclusive defense sector is essential for a thriving society,” says George. “By creating an environment that values and empowers women, we can fully harness their talents and contributions to strengthen our national security.”

Under George’s leadership, Liberia’s defense sector will undergo positive transformation, emphasizing professionalism, equal opportunities, and a commitment to safeguarding the nation’s interests.


By assuming this traditionally male-dominated role, George has become a powerful symbol of progress and inspiration for future generations. Her appointment not only demonstrates the immense potential of women in leadership positions, but also highlights the importance of diverse perspectives in the defense sector.

George’s vision for a modern and inclusive defense sector signifies hope for the future of Liberia. Her commitment to prioritizing the modernization and professionalization of the armed forces, as well as empowering women within the sector, will contribute to the overall development and stability of the nation.

Geraldine George’s appointment as defense minister is a remarkable achievement and a testament to her capabilities. It sends a strong message that gender should not be a barrier to pursuing ambitious goals and making a positive impact in society. Through her leadership, George is leading the way towards a more inclusive and equitable Liberia.

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