Do Africans Support Each Other?

Do Africans Support each other
Do Africans Support each other
People sometimes say Africans do not support each other. Is that a fair statement?

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man once said that he needs 38 visas to travel around Africa. However, European nationals easily travel to many African countries visa-free. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that indicate how difficult it is for Africans to support each other. Another glaring anomaly is the rise in xenophobic attacks in some parts of the continent. If Africans support one another, these issues will likely not be there.

According to the African Union’s β€œvision and roadmap for the next 50 years” adopted in 2013 by all member states, Africa was supposed to scrap visa requirements for all African citizens by 2018. However, that dream never came to actualization. At the moment, Africans can only travel to around 22% of the countries on the continent without a visa.

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There are many sides to this story. However, the bulk of the problem lies with the government. Nadina Corine, a German woman with love for Africa once asked β€œWhy do Africans destroy the hard work of their own brothers and sisters? Why can’t they appreciate rather than depreciate each other’s sweat and labor?”

Corine points out that a lot of Africans in Germany open businesses. However, rather than support them, fellow Africans bring them down. Obviously, this trend occurs at home and abroad. But, there are other innovations like the African Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) which shows that Africans are ready to support each other.

Also, there are Africans who are building infrastructures to help their families and communities. Most of them enjoy overwhelming love and support from their people. Nevertheless, we would like to hear from you.


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