Was It Right To Enstool A Chinese National In Ghana?

Chinese crowned as Chief in Ghana
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In a flamboyant celebration, a Chinese national in Ghana, Sun Qiang was enstooled as a developmental chief of Kwahu-Abetifi, a town in the Ghanaian Eastern Region. His stool name was Barima Kofi Ayeboafo. The name Ayeboafo loosely translates to “one who has done something to benefit others”. The enstooling has generated mixed reactions. Consequently, many are asking whether it was the right thing to do.

Qiang was enstooled as Nkosuohene or Kwahu-Abetifi developmental chief. This is a title given to non-royal foreigners engaged in development. The trade relationships between China and African countries has been on the rise in the last decade. Many African nations including Nigeria and Zambia run to the Chinese for loans. However, the enstooling takes the relationship to another level.

The backlash following the enstooling of the Chinese national in Ghana

The crowning of the Chinese national in Ghana has led to multiple backlashes from Ghanaians across the country. Perhaps, this is due to the notion that China is trying to take over Africa. The Chinese government claims that they are only trying to help Africa grow. However, there is often a caveat to the huge loans they give to Africa that gives the power to recover their loans by ‘any means’ should the country default in payment.

It is important to mention that Sun Qiang is not the first foreigner to get such an honor. However, the reaction on social media is mostly negative. Some are asking if a Ghanaian will get the same treatment in China. A few of the opinions are worth giving deeper consideration.

China’s contribution to Africa

Sun Qiang with local chiefs

Perhaps, China is truly a friend to Africa. The Asian superpower has made lots of contributions to infrastructural growth in Africa. Fresh on the long list Chinese contribution to Africa include;

Do you think the level of Chinese contribution to Africa’s growth justifies the crowning of the Chinese national in Ghana? What do you think is the cause of the mistrust some Africans have for the Chinese? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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