Grains of Growth : How Rice Water Boosts Natural Hair Strength

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If you are looking to grow long, healthy shiny hair, rice water is one of the most potent weapons you can have in your arsenal. The usage as a hair conditioner originated with rice farming Asian cultures. Their women who recognized its benefits would often apply it to their hair to make it grow better and longer with a beautiful sheen.

Grains of Growth  : How Rice Water Boosts Natural Hair Strength
Grains of Growth : How Rice Water Boosts Natural Hair Strength

Why should I use rice water?

Rice water contains a whole lot of the necessary vitamins and minerals that play vital roles in making hair grow quicker, smoother, and imparting a shiny and glossy nature to it. Essentially rich in Amino acids, selenium, folic acid, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, antioxidants that all help to provide A conducive environment for your hair to grow healthy as well as give in A natural sheen to envy. It also contains Inositol which helps repair damaged hair as well as protect hair. Rice water is like a top range hair conditioner, only more DIY and organic, so healthier. It also works quickly because it is easier for the proper nutrients to be absorbed from a rice water preparation than from regular conditioners.

How do you prepare rice water?

Rice water secret benefits in growing natural hair
Secret benefits in growing natural hair(Photo Source: Canva)

A benefit of it is that it’s easy to grasp the preparation technique. First, you rinse the rice briefly (just about any variety would do, but it’s preferable to go organic) to get rid of the possible dirt present, then you get a clean bowl and pour the rice into it, followed by the addition of water (pure, preferably distilled), after which you leave it to ferment. A general rule of thumb here is: the longer, the better (anything between 12 and 24 hours is good), and the water becomes cloudy at the end. Then you get a filter and extract the water, which you store in clean bottles. Voilà, your magic preparation.

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How do you apply rice water to your hair?

1) Wash hair with shampoo (sulfate free remember!)

2) Rinse the hair thoroughly to remove lingering dirt

3) Gently apply the preparation to your hair and scalp, massage the hair and scalp carefully while doing this, to spread in and rub in the nutrients.

4) leave it on for some time, 20 minutes is good. To achieve max penetration of the nutrients

5) rinse hair thoroughly using warm, clean water.

How often can you apply Rice water and for how long can You leave it on

You can use it on your hair every day if you like, or you can incorporate it into your regular hair washing routine. Whichever way you prefer and works best for you. You can leave it overnight if you like, but the smell may not make that the most attractive option. Most take the option of leaving it on for 20-30 minutes.

Yes. The smell, what to do about it?

A trick that works is to apply some sweet-smelling essential oils afterward to help mask the smell if you wish.

How do I store it and for how long?

You can store rice water in the fridge, and it can keep good for about a week in that condition.

It also comes highly recommended. Among the YouTubers who rave over this lovely conditioner are Debbie Williams, craving curly kinks, and Just Bemo. You can give them a look!

Why it is good for hair:

Strengthening: The amino acids in rice water help to make hair roots stronger and cuticles smoother, which makes hair look strong and shiny.

Hair Growth: Some supporters of rice water think it can help hair grow. It’s possible that this is because it has antioxidants, which can help keep the skin healthy.

Shine and Smoothness: The starch in rice water can make hair smoother and give it a silky shine.

Detangling: Because rice water makes hair smooth, it can also help get knots out of hair, making it easier to handle.

There is a carbohydrate called innositol in rice water that has been shown to fix damaged hair from the inside out. It could also protect against damage in the future.

Hair Health: The minerals and antioxidants in rice water might help keep your hair healthy, but this is more thought than proof from science.

To learn more, see;

Watch out for:

When you use rice water too often, proteins can build up, which can make your hair feel stiff and brittle. It’s best to use it once or twice a week, but this can change based on your hair’s needs.

Keeping it: You should keep fresh rice water in the fridge and use it within a week. For best results, fermented rice water should also be kept in the fridge and used within a week.

Allergies: As with any natural treatment, some people may be allergic to or sensitive to parts of rice water. Do a patch test first every time.

Take into account your hair type: rice water might not be right for everyone. People whose hair doesn’t have many pores or is sensitive to protein should be careful, because too much protein can make hair brittle.

In conclusion, there are a lot of anecdotal claims that rice water is good for your hair, but scientific study is still catching up. If you want to try a new hair care practice, you should always talk to a dermatologist or trichologist first.

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