10 YouTubers Share Makeup Hacks That Will Transform Your look

makeup hacks

They say beauty is power. If that is true, there is no better way to increase this power than learning a few makeup hacks to enhance your beauty. Many women struggle with getting their makeup right. Knowing several beauty hacks can save you a lot of time in your quest to look gorgeous. Whether you are an amateur or want to learn how to do highlight and contour, we have ten makeup hacks you can try.

How can you make your makeup look prettier?

Makeup is supposed to make you look prettier. However, a mistake can leave you looking horrifying. One of the things you can do is to choose the right colors. You need colors that match your skin tone. The second thing is to conceal the foundation on your face gently. Applying a thin layer of foundation will work wonders on your face. Also, before applying red lipstick, ensure you first apply lip balm. It will make your lips juicy and leave them feeling soft all day.

What is the meaning of makeup hacks?ย 

A makeup hack is a technique of applying makeup that saves you time and makes you look more dashing. Some makeup hacks are generations old. However, new hacks pop up on a day-to-day basis. Makeup hacks can be a lifesaver. Well, you wonโ€™t know if a makeup hack works until you try it.

How do you choose the makeup to use?

The first step in choosing makeup is to know your skin color. There are various shades of makeup and you need to get the right one that matches your skin color. Also, you need to get a coordinating concealer that will work well with the foundation. Below are some of the best makeup hacks from 10 YouTubers.

#1. Ronkeraji

Your lips are the first thing a person notices when they meet you. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s important to know how to line them when applying makeup. In this video, we learn how you can easily line your lips using makeup products. The first step is to take a color collector and apply it around the mouth to remove darkness. You then take your mac pro water foundation and spread it around your lips. Take your concealer and highlight under the chin and on top of the lip. This gives your lip definition. Furthermore, line the inside of your lips using a liner. Does all these sound confusing? See the video to find out more.

#2. Candy-coated closets

A lot of people ask if itโ€™s possible to apply lipstick without a lip liner. Well, yes, itโ€™s possible. All you need to do is first exfoliate your lips to prevent them from being dry or patchy. Next, you take a dense lip brush and apply lipstick on it. It will help absorb a lot of colors that you need that will manipulate your lips and get those lines you want.

#3. Zoe Allamby

This video shows us how you can glam up your eyebrows by using a razor blade. The first step is to brush your eyebrows and then apply coconut oil to them. Hold your skin and start trimming the eyebrows from the top. Brush again to make sure everything is in line before trimming the lower part. After you are done, move on to the next eyebrow and repeat the steps.

#4. Katherin Bolanos

In this video, Katherin shows us how to conceal under eyes dark circles by using red lipstick. The red lipstick is used to neutralize the dark color under your eyes. To hide the ugly dark circles, she applies red lipstick on the dark spots and blends them out. The second step is to take your concealer and use a beauty blender to blend in all the products. Finally, use foundation and blend it all on your face.

#5. Tomiโ€™s color Pavillion

Eyelashes are always eyecatchy. This is because not many have them in abundance. Maintaining the little most of us have can be challenging. Although mascara and add-ons are the best go-to in this scenario, it is a great idea to grow some of yours. Applying Shea butter on your lashes increases volume, moisture content and makes your lashes shinier, hence, more visible. In an actual sense, lashes cannot multiply. Therefore, you can only work on what you have or use fake lashes.ย 

#6. Buttacapbarbie


Although it might seem unorthodox, the page shows how to use hairpins to get the perfect winged eyeliner. With eyeliner in one hand and a tape, place the tape close to the eye in length with a winged eyeliner. Also, you can use dental floss and place it on the eye. The area in-between should be shaded lightly. In no time, youโ€™ll have the perfect winged eye.

#7. Blushme2wice

The best hack to borrow from this YouTuber is how to apply foundation and concealer without creases and imbalances. The first step is applying foundation and dabbing it into your skin. Then add a layer of concealer below the eye, on the chin, temples, and lastly, along your nose. The dabbing technique is used instead of spreading in circles as it tends to blend better with the foundation.

A brush is also the best for applying foundation as it has bristles that work on the makeup directly. She advises that one should make sure the two blends and the concealer should be a shade lighter than the foundation since it is supposed to be used as a highlighter.

#8. Cammyjofficial

Dark circles under the eyes can be a menace. Cammyj tells us of makeup hacks you can use to get rid of that stubborn dark marks under your eyes. The first thing you need to do is to apply hazelnut color concealer and primer to the affected part. Try to blend in the concealer using a blending sponge.

#9. Destinylashae Makeup

Lesley came up with this eyebrow makeup hack during the lockdown as one could not get access to salons. The first step is to ensure she removes all dirt using makeup remover on her eyebrows. She uses wet soap and applies it to her eyebrows to make them look fuller.

#10. Tiarra monnet

If you have short lashes, this is a must-watch video for you. It will explain how you can transform your short lashes into long ones using mascara. For this transformation, the YouTuber uses mascara and a voluminous primer and applies the product to her eyelashes. You first start applying the primer and then the mascara. The result is simply breathtaking.ย 


When it comes to makeup, it is important to mention that it is a personal journey. What works for another might not work out for you. You may need to try a number of techniques to find what works for you. However, if you can use your beauty to unlock powerful doors, how much work will be too much to get that stunning beauty? What other makeup hacks do you know? Share with us in the comment box below.

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