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How to add an event

Step 1. Login -> Go to Dashboard (if not automatically taken there) -> Click on (Listing, Job, Event, Recipe)in this case click on Event.
Member Dashboard African Vibes 1
Step 2. Add details of the event along with the start and end date and time.  There is a box in the top right  add the event link to that
Add Event African Vibes
Step 3. When adding the image for the event i.e poster, ensure it is a PDF, PNG image, Above it add the cost of the event
Add Event African Vibes 3Add Event African Vibes 2
Step 5. Details of where the event will be held along with the details of the event organizers should be added below details of the start date and time of the event.
Add Event African Vibes 5
Step 6. Under category ticks the boxes relevant to your event
Add Event African Vibes 4
Step 7. Under speakers, if you have any add them here
Add Event African Vibes 6
Step 8. Lastly, the press submit event and wait for your listing to be approved and published
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