Khouloud Errijaji

Khouloud Errijaji
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Khouloud Errijaji was born and raised in Marrakech Morocco and has lived in Africa, Europe, and the United States as a fashion .

She loves to travel and has a passion for fashion.  Her experiences range from movies to fashion shows around the globe. Some shows she has been in include: Columbus is fashion, walked for Dr. Mojo fashion show, and Columbus fashion week 2008. She speaks French, Arabic, and English and has a degree in hospitality and tourism from ITHT in Morocco.

Khouloud Errijaji

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  1. just to let u know she never been in europe she needs to be honest she came from maracech to orlando working fr amoroccan restaurant in moroccan pavillon in world disney

  2. Just to answer you comment Mr. Kamal, the fact that she has been in Europ befor or not is not really the matter,what really matter is the level that a person has reached in his career and the way he increase his self.If you wanna talke really about honesty be honest with your self and look @ what Khouloud did realised in her life inestead of just creticizing people.
    Negative people never grows up

  3. The fact that mister Kamal took the time to comment negatively on this positive post about this young lady, obviousley with a very poor English dictation, shows exactly what he has achieved in his life which is: NOTHING. Even more amazing is the fact that this person is so sure about where she has been or lived ALL her life which brings me to this question; how the hell would you know that?either or, I suggest he starts with learning how to spell Marrakech it was spelled on the top for you, but you still spelled it wrong. You are a real winner my friend.

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