10 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Natural Hair You Can Do In 30 Minutes Or Less

hairstyles for natural hair

A beautifully patterned natural hair can accentuate a womanโ€™s beauty. However, getting that fine product means going through a scary experience for some women. This is particularly the case for most African American women with kinky natural hair. Hairstyles for natural hair are usually not as prevalent as that of chemically altered hair.

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are searching for hairstyles for natural hair. Perhaps, you have searched other places without success. We want to guarantee you that your search ends here.

Unlike the popular opinion, there are actually numerous hairstyles for natural hair. What is even more interesting is that some of the hairstyles we will introduce to you today can be done at homeโ€”and you donโ€™t have to be a professional hairstylist to pull it off.

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10 of our best hairstyles for natural hair

Below, we have rounded some of the easiest hairstyles you can do in 30 minutes or less. We want to mention that we included the products recommended by the YouTuber along the way (or included our alternative recommendation where theirs are not readily available) which may contain affiliate links.

What this means is that African Vibes may get a commission for qualifying sales without you having to pay extra. However, we will also like to clarify that all the products we recommend have been tested by our team or come highly recommended from the African Vibes Community.

1. Wash and Go

Just like the name suggests, the wash and go hairstyle has to be one of the easiest hairstyles you can rock. It will take you less than 30 minutes to style, and you will be out on your way in a jiffy.

All you need for this hairstyle for natural hair is wash your hair with a suitable shampoo, apply a gel, and you are good to go. The type of products you should use will likely vary from the video depending on your hair type.

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

The YouTuber decided to stick with Mane Choice products for this video. However, we tried other organic products in the same category and got a similar result. One thing you must always avoid is using products with harmful chemicals like sulphur.

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2. Afro Puff

Want a hairstyle that will take you less than ten minutes to achieve? The afro puff has got your back. The style has been around since the 1980s. However, it retains its sensational touch and remains a favorite for many naturalists.

This style is easy to do and gives you that edgy but classy look. To achieve this hairstyle for natural hair, brush your hair to the back into a ponytail. You can make the ponytail as low or high as you want. If you have layered hair, you will need to use bobby pins to tie the loose ends.

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

We decided to swap out some of the products recommended by the manufacturer and replace it with products that we have tested. Feel free to let us know in the comment section if there is any other product you personally prefer.

3. Twisted updo

Want a classy but simple hair updo that will leave heads turning? Try the twisted updo. For this style, you need to part your hair across from ear to ear to divide the front and back sections. The next step is to make a small side part in the front.

Section the back part into two parts and tie one part with a rubber band. Use your leave-in spray on your hair to make it more manageable and braid. Braid over the first part into a cornrow. Take the other back part and spray the leave-in conditioner and braid it out too.

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Once you are done with both braids, criss-cross them over and tie them with a bobby pin. Also, spray the bigger front part with the leave-in. Section pieces of hair and do the twist-outs.

Gather all the twists and pin them into your desired style. The last step is to use a gel to smoothen out your edges. There you have it, a classy style that only takes up 10 minutes of your time.

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

As you can see, you donโ€™t really need much product to get this amazing hairstyle for natural hair. All that is required is dexterity working with both hands and a bit of patience.

4.ย  Easy Spunky Style

The spunky style is another updo for natural hair that can be achieved in less than 30 minutes. To get this look, you need to start by twisting out your hair. If you are not in the mood of redoing your twists, you can spruce up your look by flat twisting out one side of your hair and tying the hair into Bantu knots.

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

5. Twisted faux bun hair updo

YouTuber ChimereNicole created this twisted hair updo in just five minutes. She started by pulling all her hair into a top knot. Next, she makes a large twist using one pack of the braid in curls and attaches it to the hair knot.

After attaching the hair on the knot, she takes booby pins and secures the twist in place. Afterward, she takes the second pack of Kanekalon hair and twists it before attaching it to her faux bun. Finally, she twists the hair in a clockwise motion before securing it in place.

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

Again, we would like to mention that you can swap any of these products for your preferred product. However, the products that we recommend always have very high endorsements among our community users.

6. Jumbo topknot Bun

If you like keeping your natural hair out of your face, the jumbo topknot might be the ideal style for you. To achieve this look, ensure you first brush your hair and hold it with a rubber band in a ponytail. Secondly, take a hair extension and clip it all around the bun.

Afterward, create a large bun using the clip in hair extensions You can fix the bun with bobby pins to achieve your desired look. Flatten the edgesย and baby hair with a soft brush or apply gel to them.ย 

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

7. Bantu Knots

Clearly, there is no better way to announce your African heritage than rocking Bantu knots. This style is simple to achieve, and you donโ€™t need to use lots of expensive products. If you like protective styles for natural hair, these Bantu knots are just the perfect deal.

Part your hair into different sections and roll each section into a tight mini bun. Also, you can section your hair into different shapes. Use edge control to smoothen out all your sections. Merge the braiding hair to your hair by braiding.

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Then, start twisting the entire length of hair with the help of edge control or twist cream. As you twist the hair, wrap it around the base. Once you are done twisting and wrapping, secure it in place with a hair tie and you will have your Bantu knots.ย 

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

8. Twist outs

If you love playing with hair texture, a twist-out is the perfect style for your natural hair. Firstly, you have to dampen your mane before applying natural hair conditioning products of your choice.

Then, detangle and part your hair into two-stranded sections and twist them out. When your locks are all dried up, can unravel the twists and reveal beautiful elongated curls.

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

9. Side Sweep

This is one of the easiest and classiest styles you can get in less than 30 minutes. Once you have washed your locks and conditioned them, continue with the moisturizing routine.

Brush one part of your hair in a sideways motion so that it lays flat in a side Mohawk style. Use hair styling gel and bobby pins to secure that side down.

ย Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair

10. Phony Pony

You can hack your way to a glam hairstyle by rocking the phony pony style. Brush your 4c natural hair down, in a low bun, and tie the ponytail around it.

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This is one of the quickest hairstyles to rock. Interestingly, it never goes out of style. Whenever you receive an impromptu call that requires you to look your best, you know what to do.

Recommended products for this hairstyle for natural hair


With proper planning, you can achieve these hairstyles for natural hair in minutes. Furthermore, these styles give you the luxury of wearing a new look almost as frequently as you wish.

Donโ€™t get worked up if your first attempt is not as perfect as the ones in the videos. Practice makes perfect, right? Regardless of your hairstyle, always remember to take good care of your hair and moisturize regularly for a healthy and beautiful hair.

Which of the hairstyles stands out for you? Let us know using the comment option below. Donโ€™t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you donโ€™t miss any of our posts.

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