Cameroonian shoe designer Joseph Ntomp to showcase his premium dress sneakers on the "I Wear African" Runway

Joseph Ntomp
Joseph Ntomp
Photo credit Joseph Ntomp


Joseph Ntomp

Cameroonian couple, Joseph Ntomp and are owners of a contemporary shoe brand known as . Founded in 2009,ย the duoโ€™sย primary goal is to create premium dress sneakers for a metropolitan lifestyle. Superior craftsmanship and material selection are at the core of every step of this creative process.

โ€œI draw my inspiration from a not so long-gone era of well-heeled men, yet my designs are well anchored in the present and always looking forward. I want to leave behind an emotional reaction, a feeling that makes you remember our shoes as unique pieces you have never seen before.โ€ Joseph Ntomp, Co-Founder and Creative Director. We are definitely looking forward to his collections.

Theirย Website:ย
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Arteliers Arthur

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  1. iโ€™m from cameroon and love the fact that , we have also a magazine like this thank you guys so much for the beautiful job the dresses are very very beautiful ,may God bless u all ,very nice jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

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