TAKE OUR POLL: Which Of These 8 African Artists Has The Sexiest Abs?

African Artists

African Artists


Which of These African Male Artists Has The Sexiest Abs?

Which of these 8 famous African Artists has the sexiest abs? With your input we will find out soon enough. Each of the 8 celebrities has one photo showcasing their chiseled abs along with a recent music video. Check it out and let us know which of them gets your vote.

The Abs Under Review

1 โ€“ Alikiba

Alikiba Sexy Abs

2 โ€“ Dโ€™Banj

African Artists

3 โ€“ Diamond Platinumz

Diamond Platinumz African Artist Sexy Abs
Diamond Platinumz

4 โ€“ Dโ€™Prince

African Artists

5 โ€“ Flavour Nabania

African Artists
Flavour Nabania

6 โ€“ Harrysong

African Artists

7 โ€“ Iyanya

African Artists

8 โ€“ Mr. P (Peter Square-PSquare)

African Artists
Mr. P (Peter Okoye-PSquare)

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