10 Best Men’s Cologne According To Amazon 

best men's cologne

If a woman is going to remember one thing about you, it might as well be your cologne. Ladies love a man who smells nice. Having a signature smell (albeit a good one) will leave many good checkmarks behind on date night. Smelling nice also boosts your confidence, makes you look more attractive, and feel less stressed.

There is a large variety of colognes for men on amazon. It might take you a whole day trying to sniff out the best. Of course, we want to make your work easier. So, we have picked the best men’s cologne just for you based on Amazon ratings. However, first, let us clear the air on some of the burning questions around men’s cologne.

What are some good colognes for guys?

There are many good colognes which guys could use. However, the most used and appreciated colognes include Hugo Boss, Tom Ford, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, Armani Code, and Parma Essenza. These colognes have distinctive masculine scents. Their greatest value lies in how long their smell lasts on the body.

What is the most popular men’s cologne right now?

The most popular cologne right now is Creed Aventus. Most people describe this cologne as ‘addictively enticing’. It is bold, aromatic, and boasts a fruity opening, blended with a woody and leather dry down.

What men’s cologne gets the most compliments?

Creed Aventus is the most complimented men’s cologne. It is rich in masculine scent and has a longevity of up to seven hours. The cologne is finely blended, resulting in a bottle of a unique scent. It is pricey for a reason!

Here are 10 Best Men’s Cologne that You Should Try

1. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio (Get it Here)

Acqua di men's cologne
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Aquatic fragrances are always attractive to gentlemen. They have an oxymoronic calm and a strong scent. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani has a sharp aquatic scent that turns heads and lasts for hours. The cologne is a blend of citrus, rosemary, spice, jasmine, woods, and ocean breezes. It is fresh and sensual and can easily accentuate the grooming of a classic man.

2. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne for Men (Get It Here)

1 Million cologne
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The popularity of the 1 million cologne by Paco Rabanne speaks for itself. It is highly complimented and is rich in long-lasting fragrances. Just like the name suggests, it is one of the most expensive colognes on our list—but don’t be scared, it doesn’t cost $1 million. It sells for $78.43, but the price is totally worth it. The spicy leather and rose-cinnamon scents blend into perfect harmony for this seductive cologne. Nothing expresses a fresh masculine scent like the 1 million cologne.

3. Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss for Men (Get It Here)

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Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss was launched in 2010. The perfumes are highly complimented and popular, and it’s all for the right reasons. Boss Bottled Night is a strongly scented cologne that will keep you smelling fresh all day. It has a woody aromatic fragrance that consists of birch leaf, cardamom, and musky notes—a real seduction weapon. This is the perfect cologne you will need to keep you smelling fresh on that night out.

4. Giorgio Armani Code (Get It Here)

ARMANI code men's cologne
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At this point, we have to appreciate Giorgio Armani for the great collection of perfumes for men. Giorgio Armani has an aesthete for great cologne and his creation, Acqua Di Gio, is proof of that. You can get it for as low as $25. The top notes Lime, Lemon, Bergamot, Jasmine, Orange, and Mandarin Orange. They combine harmoniously, creating an exquisite scent of freedom.

5. Nautica Voyage N-83 (Get It Here)

Nautica Voyage cologne
Photo credit: Amazon

Nautica Voyage is a cologne with a fresh masculine fragrance. This is due to the fine blend of various fragrance notes. It is also one of the cheapest colognes on our list, going for $18. The petitgrain, ocean notes, and mint are the most noticeable. The moment you open the bottle, you will get a refreshing, marine, sharp, sporty, and pleasant scent. It is a strong fragrance that would keep going on a sweaty summer.

6. L’HOMME YVES SAINT LAURENT by Yves Saint (Get It Here)

71AgjmlaCIL. SL1500
Photo credit: Amazon

There is an uncanny love between men and strong scent. Perhaps, has something to do with their love for alcohol. You can get this cologne for $76. We know the price is a bit high, but the price won’t compare to how good you will smell. It’s hard to pin the smell to one thing because it blends ginger, bergamot, and lemon. Legend has it that this cologne is a real lady magnet—and we do not doubt that.

7. Muelhens 4711 Men’s Eau de Cologne (Get It Here)

81Zn85%2BcNZL. SL1500
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At first glance, you will probably mistake this for a bottle of whisky. Well, it is a cologne. Launched in 1792 by Wilhelm Muelhens, Muelhens 4711 has a fruity fragrance sure to turn heads. From the packaging and bottling, you can tell at once that this is a sophisticated cologne—sophisticated in a way to command respect. Muelhens 4711 has a fruity fragrance and is a refined blend of different oils. Furthermore, the cologne has a unisex scent which makes it a great asset for couples. You can gift it to your man or use it yourself.

8. Coty Aspen for Men Cologne Spray (Get It Here)

ASPEN men's cologne
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Do you know the smell of fresh, clean mountain air? Well, that’s exactly what Aspen is all about. Coty Aspen spices up that smell, refines it, mixes great fragrance notes, bottles it, and presents men that love good cologne. This aromatic fragrance boasts rich scent notes such as bergamot, lemon, and galbanum. Interestingly, the cool aquamarine hue doesn’t leave marks behind which makes it a treasure.

9. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man EDT Men (Get It Here)

Club de nuit men's cologne
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Finding a versatile fragrance that you can wear on any occasion is fulfilling. Armaf Club De Nuit cologne was launched in 2015, and it is exactly what you need for that good smell. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man has a woody, spicy scent ideal for a man who wants a masculine fragrance. Its strongest quality is the long duration it lasts on fabrics. Lemon, Pineapple, Black Currant, Bergamot, and Apple are its most prominent notes.

10. Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne Spray (Get It Here)

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As the name suggests, Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne Spray has a nice yet strong scent. The cologne was Launched in 2002 by Christophe Laudamiel and Bruno Jovanovic. It has an invigorating combination of woods, flowers, and cooling tones of moss ideal for the summer weather.


Most people prefer to have a signature scent or an everyday cologne. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a collection of different colognes. You can always switch it up a little. You can have a cologne for every day of the week so that it becomes hard for people to guess what you will wear next. What is your favorite men’s cologne? Which of the cologne on this list will you want to try next? Let us know in the comment box below.


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