20 Cool Hairstyles for African American Girls

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Girls’ hairstyles could be either simple or difficult to dress. Also, they could last a week or months depending on how they are dressed and maintained. Whatever the case, AfricanVibes is presenting you with 20 cool hairstyles for African American girls.

List of 20 Cool Hairstyles for African American Girls

#1. Low Bun + Braids

What the low puff and braids hairstyle looks like
A look at the low puff and braids hairstyle (Image Source: Hair Adviser)

This cool hairstyle for African American girls gives a flash of your natural hair and a display of beautiful big braids and a low bun. It is a neat way of dressing short hair. At the front, the hairstyle almost resembles the crown braid. This look is entirely different behind. You get an amazing look either way.

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#2. Big Five-Strand Braids + Underlying Small Braids

What the big braids on small braids hairstyle would look like on African American girls
Styling big braids on small braids (Image Source: Hair Adviser)

Braid is a popular hairstyle that is easy and straightforward to dress. Being so, hairstylists create a number of unique designs using it.

One such design is the five-strand feeding braids with lesser braids shown in this picture. The design goes beyond just dressing the hair in five big braid strands. It includes an underlying layer of small braids.

This makes a mix of both big and small braids. As a result, the hairstyle has a feel and an appearance that is different from either of the two. It is also, therefore, a special way to apply braids.

#3. No-Fuss Hair Coils

What the no-fuss coils hairstyle looks like
The fuss of the no-fuss coils is that it is stylish and chic (Image Source: Hair Motive)

This right here is another cool hairstyle for African American girls. Even though no-fuss literally refers to the absence of unnecessary excitement, the hairstyle makes one appear sassy and lively.

No-fuss hair coils are small twists that run along the entire length of hair strands. It holds the hair nicely together making it remain in shape for long.

#4. Natural Hair Puff

The natural hair puff is another cool hairstyle for African American girls
Here is to the beauty and simplicity of the natural hair puff hair-do (Image Source: Coils and Glory)

Love a natural hair-do? This style will probably make it to your favorites list. The natural hair puff is easy enough for all those who want to manage their hairstyles themselves.

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It also doesn’t take much time to dress. This makes it the perfect hairstyle for African American girls who want to leave their hair natural, avoid the hair salon, and, at the same time, not waste time dressing their hair.

#5. Ringlets with a Pompadour

IMG 1251
Waves and pompadour make a great hairstyle as seen here (Image Source: The Right Hairstyle)

Ringlets with a pompadour is another hairdressing style that will specially fit African American girls. It features big curly strands which go beyond the shoulders. Also, at the top and across it, there is a high full roll of hair. This hairstyle is a great option for looking sassy and bringing more focus to your face.

#6. Long Curls on Full Weave is Another Cool Hairstyle for African American Girls

IMG 1250 1
Full weave hairstyle with a red tint for effect (Image Source: The Right Hairstyle)

The full weave hairstyle here attaches all over the head through a sew-in procedure. This makes the hair firm. Before this, however, a one and half inch curl iron is used to create the long curls we see. It is done by ironing the tail end of the weave.

#7. Mini Buns

Mini buns hairstyle (Image Source: All Things Hair)

The mini buns hairstyle may not stand out as much as big buns would but they are typically African. It is a simple way to pack your natural hair. Also, artificial hair could be dressed as mini buns.

The simple hairstyle usually features two to three evenly spaced buns. Notwithstanding, the number of buns used typically depends on you. It also depends on the actual size of each bun.

#8. Bantu Knots With Box Braids

Bantu knots hair-do
How to wear the bantu knots hair-do (Image Source: Trend Spotter)

Bantu knots, also called Zulu knots, is a typical African hairstyle that will help African Americans girls maintain a native yet fashionable look. These knots are better made using box braids. It is what gives rise to the box braids Bantu knots hairstyle. Styling the Bantu knots allows for creativity and imagination on the part of the wearer.

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#9. TWA Sideward Fade

Styling the teeny weeny afro hair-do
One cute way of dressing a teeny weeny afro (Image Source: The Right Hairstyles)

TWA stands for teeny weeny afro. It is a miniature form of the regular and full afro we know. For the sideward fade style shown in this picture, you keep a low afro that is faded to an angle on one side. The top of the hair is made soft and a little curly while a parting divides most of the high side from the low side.

#10. Sew-in Pony

What the short sew-in hairstyle looks like
Short sew-in ponytail hair-do (Image Source: Latest Hairstyles)

The sew-in pony hairstyle here will make just about anyone look chic. However, special care must be taken to maintain it. The style features a pony with a little curl at the end, two curtain-like bangs that wedge on both sides of the forehead, and a parting style between the bangs.

#11. Fauxhawk

What the faux  hawk hairstyle looks like
The glamorous faux hawk hairstyle (Image Source: Good Housekeeping)

Fauxhawk, or fohawk, is the name given to styles that generally involve dressing the center of the head all the way from the front to the back. Due to the number of possible styles, the faux hawk hairstyle offers a wide range of looks.

#12. Faux Hawk + No-fuss + Undercut

The bold and trendy faux hawk with an undercut hair-do for African American girls
Faux hawk with an undercut offers a bold and trendy look (Image Source: Trend Spotter)

Some hairstyles are a combination of two or more others and this is an example. This style here features a no-fuss dressed as a faux hawk (only along the center of the head) and with a styled undercut.

#13. Crown Braid

Cool hairstyles for African American girls definitely include crown braids
Crown braids make looking like royalty very easy (Image Source: Fab Woman)

If you feel queenly and you need a cool hairstyle to match that, a crown braid would do just fine. Crown braids adorn the wearer with a circlet made completely out of the braid. It could be dressed to resemble a small, low crown worn by princesses. Alternatively, crown braids could be much bigger.

A crown braid could sit at the front of your head – near the hairline and, depending on your preference, you could also wear it around the pinnacle. Furthermore, tweaks like having a weave at the back make the crown braid hairstyle offer a range of stunning looks.

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#14. Near-Bald Cut

What the near-bald hair-do looks like
Near-bald hair-do offers a confident look (Image Source: Pinterest)

The near-bald cut is a bold and elegant way to show off more of your beautiful brown skin. As the name implies, it is almost a bald cut. However, a short layer of hair makes dying in different attractive colors possible.

#15. Faux Locs with Blue and Green Strands

Colors, accessories, and the faux locs hair-do is a cool hairstyle for African American girls
Spicing the faux locs hairstyle with colors and hair accessories (Image Source: The Right Hairstyles)

Faux locs appear almost like dreads. However, they both have slightly different textures. The hairstyle is generally low-maintenance and offers an alternative to both braids and natural hair-do.

In this picture, an impressive faux locs style is achieved by making the locs shoulder-long and using both blue and green strands.

#16. Curly Blonde Bob Cut

Beautiful blonde bob hairstyle
This amazing hairstyle is a blonde bob cut (Image Source: Hair Adviser)

Loose curls like this on a bob draw attention and make you look stylish. If the curls don’t suit you, however, you could decide to make yours either looser or not. The blonde color choice here is another great way to approach the style. It stands out beautifully against the backdrop of African American girls’ skin tone.

#17. Straight Bob Cut with Bangs

straight bob cut for black girls
Straight bob cut hair-do (Image Source: Hair Adviser)

If you feel like you are not being taken seriously, try the straight bob cut with bangs hairstyle. It gives a sharp, official look that does not miss out on appearing beautiful. To add a little bit of spice, you could wear it in any color other than black.

#18. Long Pigtails

Rocking a native African dress and a long ponytail hairstyle
Wearing a native African dress and a long ponytail hairstyle (Image Source: All Things Savvy)

Pigtails are another cool and eye-catchy hairstyle that African American girls could easily rock. In this picture, the wearer dresses two long and big pigtails apart from each other. She also smoothly perms the rest of the hair towards the back.

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#19. Bantu Knot-Outs

What the bantu knot-outs hairstyle looks like
Bantu Knot-outs (Image Source: Lisa ala Mode) 

As mentioned earlier, one hairstyle is sometimes a combination of two or more different styles. This is the case with the Bantu knot-out. The hairstyle features Bantu knots with the bottom tied and the top all loosened and allowed to flow.

African American girls would definitely look cool on this hairstyle. It is perfect for parties and less official social events. More spice could even be added to the entire look by making the flow part of the hair wavy or curly.

#20. Senegalese Twists

What the Senegalese hairstyle looks like
The glamorous look of the Senegalese twist hair-do (Image Source: Stay Glam)

Senegalese twists are a protective hairstyle. Also referred to as rope twists, the style is easier and a little faster to make than braids. Again, it is easy to manipulate into knots, updo or any other fashion. This flexibility means that you can afford a different appearance without needing to change your hairstyle.


Living in the diaspora might sometimes mean struggling to think up a hairstyle that makes you look African. If you are in this boat, then we hope that one or more of these 20 cool hairstyles for African American girls brings out the true beauty in you. Go ahead and try a new look. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment about it below.


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