ORGANIC Raw African Black Soap


Raw African Black Soap

Our beautiful Salvatore Tripi soap are packed in a biodegradable brown paper with a ribbon. The Soap will arrive to you in itโ€™s raw form it may crumble but do not worry as it is in itโ€™s natural raw state.

To use the soap please cut a piece from the block and put some of it on the palm of your hand and gently rub it across your skin with some water.
African soap it is genuinely the best due to all itโ€™s essential oils and best of all it is
100% Natural

Organic & Vegan friendly

African black soap is the most natural and organic soap as it is made with organic potash made from cocoa pod ash. It is known for its skin healing properties when it has the herb cassia alata which it has plenty of in our soaps.

Our African black soap is a gentle soap that can be used to wash babies, children and adults.

It can be used in a variety ways from shampooing hair, washing dogs, doing the laundry and taking regular showers.

It is a soap like any normal soap that produces a rich bubbly lather.

Palm Oil Free Soap
If you are experimental, you can add your own additions to black soap to use for skin exfoliation, making a deep conditioning shampoo The soap is rich in organic potassium.

Cocoa potash, Coconut oil, She butter, Senna leaves

Origin: Ghana


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