Binga Basket Wall Decor โ€“ African Wall Decor

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: fibre rush, natural reeds, natural dyes


Binga Baskets/Tonga Baskets are traditionally used by the BaTonga people located in Zimbabweโ€™s Binga Area for winnowing grains. The baskets are carefully handcrafted using natural and locally harvested materials such as wild grasses, small vines and palm leaves. Each basket is unique and showcases a craft perfected from generation to generation.


You can hang these baskets in your living room, dining room or bedroom. The possibilities are endless with these beautiful baskets.
These Binga baskets are the perfect gift for your loved ones who appreciate African Art and culture.

Cleaning And Care:

Wipe Baskets with damp cloth where necessary. Do not expose baskets to direct sunlight. Baskets should be kept away from damp places or where they can easily get wet. In the unlikely event, your baskets are exposed to water they should be left to dry out immediately to avoid moulds.


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