African Sculpture 5 Handmade African Elephants Wood Sculpture Home Decor


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Medium: Wood

African Sculpture. 5 beautiful hand carved African Elephants.

These charming hand carved wood sculptures of African elephants are perfect to display on a desk, book shelf or window sill. They are the perfect gift for a wildlife enthusiast or animal lover. Surprise your kids or a loved one with an unusual, unique present they will always cherish.


โ€ข Elephant 1 Height โ€“ 4cm

โ€ข Elephant 2 Height โ€“ 4.5cm

โ€ข Elephant 3 Height โ€“ 5cm

โ€ข Elephant 4 Height โ€“ 5.5cm

โ€ข Elephant 5 Height โ€“ 6cm

These elephants are entirely individually hand crafted and unique and may vary slightly in size and shape from those pictured. This is normal with handmade objects.


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