Abstract Black Pop Culture Wall Art


  • Handmade

Abstract Black Woman Pop Art Canvas from ItayMagenArt

This stunning piece is a digital print on canvas of an original Itay Magen artwork.
It will make the perfect addition to any creative studio, loft space, or funky salon environment to inspire creativity.

Item Details:
High-quality digital print on canvas.

9.8β€³x7.9β€³ (25 x 20 cm)
14.8β€³x11.8β€³ (37 x 30 cm)
24.4β€³x19.6β€³ (62 x 50 cm)
39.5β€³x31.5β€³ (100 x 80 cm)
49.2β€³x39.5β€³ (125 x 100 cm)

Extra 2β€³ black border.



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