Growing natural hair most amazing tips

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Rocking and growing natural hair is many things. It’s a bold expression. It’s a fashion statement. It is originality. It is beautiful.

But what if one of the things your natural hair isn’t is long enough?

No need to fret. Here are just the tips for growing your natural hair into a glorious mane

growing natural hair

1) Trim often

Yes. This seems ironical. Why grow natural hair only to trim it regularly? You may think, obviously cutting is going to reduce the length which kind of defeats the original purpose. But here’s the catch. Hair over time develops split ends which if not trimmed, can slow or stop hair growth. Cutting hair, especially natural hair by removing the split ends, helps your natural hair grow healthier and better.

2) Avoid excessive heat application on your natural hair

There may sometimes be the resistance to heat condition your natural hair to straighten it out. Here’s the catch. Natural hair is made up of proteins. Excessive Heat denatures proteins. So to grow your natural hair faster and more healthy, you’re best off avoiding extreme heat conditioning check out this straightener .

3)Use appropriate size combs to detangle

Natural hair can sometimes get tangled up, and then you need to comb it out. Use wide-toothed combs as very narrow toothed combs can go rough on the nose, causing breakage and removal. Using combs which are widely toothed enough helps you to grow your natural hair faster.

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4) Wash your hair  with a good conditioner to growing natural hair

This has the benefit of adding moisture to your hair, which in turn helps your natural hair grow more quickly. This is especially important when your scalp is usually dry as dry natural hair tends to break often. So washing your natural hair with a conditioner not only helps prevent breakage, but it also makes it healthier and more moisturizers.

5)Optimize your shampoo usage to growing natural hair

Avoid shampoos that are harsh on the scalp. A general tip in this direction is to avoid sulfate containing shampoos as these can damage the cuticles of your natural hair, thus impeding its growth. Also, shampoo usage should not be too frequent.  Two times a week is a reasonable rate. This is also to give your natural hair oils from time to act.

6) Use organic natural hair growth supplements to enhance growing natural hair

Some organic natural hair growth supplements have the advantage of speeding up the growth of your natural hair while also being mild and gentle on the scalp. Coconut oil based supplements are an excellent way to start.

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7) Adopt a good diet.

Your body parts, your natural hair included generally require nutrients from your diet to grow well. A proper diet rich in vitamins will help your natural hair grow faster.

 8) Avoid harsh chemical application on your natural hair

Chemicals such as dyes, relaxers, and other synthetic coloring or tinting products can be very harsh on natural hair and scalp or drastically change its chemical environment into one that’s inconducive for fast growth of natural hair

9) Use comfortable hair styling for your natural hair

If your natural hair is braided, and the braids are too tight, it can lead to breakage at the scalps. Thus the styles you rock your natural hair in can often determine how well and fast it grows. You can also use protective styling to protect your natural hair and thus enhance its growth.

10) Protect your natural hair during sleep to improve growing natural hair

You might want to invest in soft coverings for your pillows and hair, so the stress your natural hair is exposed to during all the turning and tossing of sleep is reduced, and your natural hair gets a chance to grow fast without being subjected to constant stress and breakage.

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