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Meet Africa Travel

At Meet Africa, we share our love of Africa. We want to show its beauty, grandeur, culture, and people. The people who make Africa what it is today: a blend of traditions and modernity. We offer the authentic Africa that will inspire you and give pride to all afro descendants.

We make it easy for you to meet Africa. We design tours where you can experience the continent: understand its culture in cities and villages, meet artists and entrepreneurs that are shaping the future of Africa, discover the magnificent fauna and flora that the continent is blessed with, and learn about the history, wether glorious or terrible.

We get you through your journey sustainably and responsibly. We created fair partnerships and collaborations with traditional chiefs and small business owners so that our visits provide benefits to the people we interact with. We also minimize our carbon footprint, dispose properly of our waste and recycle as much as possible.

We offer various types of trips in West Africa. We have fixed date tours which are available on our website. The duration of our tours varies from one day to several weeks. We also run private and customized tours to cater to your specific needs. Contact us to tell us about your desires.

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Lomé, Maritime Region, Togo
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