Should African countries teach in their native languages?

  • Should African countries teach in their native languages?

    Posted by African Vibes  on January 23, 2022 at 4:27 am

    In countries south of the Sahara Desert, most children are taught in a common colonial language instead of the language they use at home. Some people support the method of teaching. They say teaching in an international language is helpful for students and will best prepare them for the future. Others, however, argue that it can make learning more difficult for children.

    Recently, some education experts in Senegal are suggesting that schools offer classes in local languages, in addition to the traditional French.

    Senegalese linguistics professor Mbacke Diagne says most children entering primary school in Senegal have been speaking Wolof for at least seven years. He adds that “they have structured their world in this language … but as soon as they get to school, all this knowledge is set aside in order to impose French.”

    Diagne and others believe this slows the learning process and makes children less interested in continuing their education. Do you agree?

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