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Jun 27

Africa Investments Risk & Compliance Summit 2024

June 27 @ 8:00 am - June 28 @ 5:30 am EDT

Sustainable Resource Extraction in a Changing Climate: Compliance, Strategies and Innovations

The African Investment Risk and Compliance Summit (AIRC)

A core mission of EBII Group is to promote and support excellence in Risk and Compliance Assessments. The annual African Investment Risk and Compliance Summit (AIRCS) brings this mission to life.

The EBII Group has hosted its flagship annual AIRCS converging political and business leaders, academics and regulators to find coordinated solutions to Africa’s investment challenges. The summit’s influence has grown exponentially over the years.

The EBII Group has hosted key decision makers, including the President of Ghana and of Sierra Leone, respectively, the African Continental Free Trade Secretary General, and Oxford University’s Vice-Chancellor.

We are Inviting you to the 2024 AIRC Summit.

Through focused discussions and collaborative sessions, the summit aims to address critical aspects of the extractive industry in Africa, with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability, financial integrity, and responsible resource management. The following key themes will be explored:

  • Mapping Africa’s extractive resources
  • Identifying key minerals and resource
  • Impact of climate change on the extractive industry
  • Investor expectations and Financial Compliance
  • Tackling investment challenges and promoting transparency
  • Establishing reliable supply chains
  • Rethinking risk and compliance in the age of artificial intelligence
  • Government Standards and Practices
  • Promoting Trade and Economic Integration through initiatives such as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), while recognizing the role of the African diaspora in driving sustainable development, investment, and innovation in the continent

Panel Discussions

Day 1

Panel Discussion and Fireside Chats:

  1. Exploring Africa’s diverse extractive resources, including minerals, oil, gas, timber, and renewable energy sources.

  1. Climate Change Resilience in the Extractive IndustryAssessing the Impacts of climate change on the extractive industry, including disruptions to operations, infrastructure risks, and environmental vulnerabilities.

  1. Mapping Africa’s Extractive Resources 
  • Exploring Africa’s diverse extractive resources, including minerals, oil, gas, timber, and renewable energy sources.
  • Discussing sustainable extraction practices, environmental impact assessments, and resource management strategies.

  1. The Role of the African Development Bank in Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Resource Extraction Practices

5. Key Minerals for the Green Transition

  • Identifying critical minerals essential for the global transition to renewable energy and sustainable development.
  • Examining ethical and responsible approaches for foreign investors to access these resources while promoting environmental sustainability and financial integrity.

  1. Investor Expectations and Financial Compliance
  • Analysing investor expectations from global markets, including the United States and Europe, regarding access to capital for African extractive projects
  • Addressing the importance of financial crime compliance, anti-money laundering measures, and adherence to international sanctions regimes

Day 2

  1. Tackling Investment Challenges and Promoting Transparency
  • Identifying investment challenges associated with investing in African extractive projects, including regulatory uncertainties, political risks, and financial crime vulnerabilities.
  • Exploring strategies for promoting transparency, accountability, and responsible investment practices to mitigate risks and enhance investor confidence.

  1. Global Development Challenges, Resource Extraction and Development, Governance and Regulation, Innovation and Technology, Global Cooperation, Climate Change and Sustainability

9. Empowering Diaspora Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Harnessing Expertise in Resource Extraction, Technology Solutions, and Beyond

10. Rethinking Risk and Compliance in the age of Artificial Intelligence 

  • AI Solutions for Climate and Financial Crime Risks
  • Discuss the benefits of adopting an integrated risk management approach that combines climate risk assessment with measures to combat financial crime.
  • Exploring how AI can assist in ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Establishing Reliable Supply Chains

  1. Government Standards and Practices
  • Understanding the regulatory frameworks and governance standards expected by African governments for extractive projects.
  • Discussing environmental protection measures, community development initiatives, financial crime compliance, and adherence to international sanctions regimes.


June 27 @ 8:00 am EDT
June 28 @ 5:30 am EDT


Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, WA 20004
Washington, WA 20004 US
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