Which Of The Following 9 African Miss Universe 2010 Contestants Is Your Favorite?

Angola โ€“ Jurema Ferraz
Botswana โ€“ Tiwelo Ramasedi
Egypt โ€“ Donia Hammed
Ghana โ€“ Awurama Simpson

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Mauritius โ€“ Dalysha Doorga
Nigeria โ€“ Ngozi Odalonu
South Africa โ€“ Nicole Flint
Tanzania โ€“ Hellen Dausen
Zambia โ€“ Alice Musukwa


Which of the following 9 African Miss Universe 2010 Contestants is your favorite?


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  1. She is Awesome, Iam flat. he he. I If I get a chance to know her personally, wow
    Can any one help me to get her personal email ID.
    My best wishes and good luck to her
    With Regards

  2. They R quite beautiful (especially Tanzania & Ghana โ€“ but NOT Zambia though)โ€ฆ BUT Iโ€™ve seen better down the streetโ€ฆ And must they be so skinny?? Are these not meant to be representing bold & bootylicious AFRICAN WOMEN of the UNIVERSE?!?