Which Bobotie Recipe From These 10 Food Bloggers Is Your Favorite?

A nicely done meat pie

The pronunciation of this South African popular casserole is as interesting as the meal itself. Depending on where you come from, bobotie will have a slightly different pronunciation. The English and the Americans will pronounce it buh-buh-tee while South Africans will pronounce it bow-bow-tee. Nevertheless, this meaty and spicy dish is a great addition to your favorite treats during holidays or whenever you feel like having it.

For your information, bobotie is not just a usual dish out there, it is worth a spot in your recipes menu. This is because it was featured in Augusta National Champions Dinner in 2009. This was after the reigning South African golf champion Trevor Immelman got the honor of hosting the gathering. Also, in 2014, bobotie was featured in Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, an annual event, held in Walt Disney World, Bay Lake, Florida.

A nicely done meat pie
A nicely done meat pie (Photo Credit: Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash)

What Is Bobotie?

Summarily, bobotie is a simple and nutritious dish full of mouthwatering flavors. It is readily available in many South African eateries and a common dish in most South African homes. The common ingredients in an easy bobotie recipe are minced beef or lamb, an assortment of dried fruits, curry powder, assorted spices, nuts, and bread.

The bobotie mixture prepared as per the instructions on the recipe is then poured into a baking dish. After that, a layer of milk and eggs mixture is then nicely poured on top. Nuts are also sprinkled at this point after which the mixture is baked until set and golden brown in color.

Where Did Bobotie Originally Come From?


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