Tell us your number one achievement of 2008!

Tell us your number one achievement of 2008!

Tell us your number one achievement of 2008!
achievement of 2008- Image by free stock photos from from Pixabay

What do you think is your biggest achievement of 2008? Is it a resolution you made at the beginning of the year? Is 2008 the year you actually made progress on your goals and ambitions?

No matter how large or small your achievement, we want to hear from you! Email your top achievement this year, along with your name, age, and hometown, to us at [email protected]/wordpressnew. It might appear in an upcoming issue!



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  1. I am so overwhelmed that i did hit my target that was set for 2008 in a big way. My priority of priorities was to come up with trilling poems and go places with them. For sure this year i got my poems auditioned at Africa magic on sundays and on Tuesdays teenage rampage. I equally have a lot of them used in some Universities in America and Britain. I have received invitations to present my works in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Sierra Leone. Written Mandela’s 90th Birth day poem which was an acclaimed peice . It gives me every reason to work even harder so that they can be put into print and launched. Writers don’t write for the sake of money rather they always are itchy to disciminate knowledge and know- how to others. Life calls for sharing and partnership. I have equally been blessed by creating a wonderful network of friends who work together with me with me at As Cameroon Editor of, i have learned to be self conscious and time conscious. It has been a wonderful year as we anticipate its close.

  2. My name is Mazuba Kapambwe ,I am 19 and I am a zambian college student in NY.My greatest achievement of this year was creating the Africa Alive Club at my college (westchester Comm College) .The aim of the club is to educate people about africa and it’s culture and to reduce the negative stereotypes of africa.I am amazed at the success we have acheived as a club and the recognition and respect we have earned in such a short amount of time .We even got the attention of south african VJ Nonhle Thema who may be hosting our upcoming african fashion show .It has been an excellent journey that has given me pride ,as I have watched the club grow from strenght to strenghth

  3. I really admire the courage that you have in creating such a site which will be a positive advance to africans. More wishes of success from down zambia