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How to set up your profile

Your profile is how you are recognized on the platform. Setting up your profile requires just 5 pieces of information and takes less than 5 minutes to do. You will need to make sure your First Name, Last Name and optionally your nickname are filled out. Then you will need to upload a photo of yourself and a cover photo for your page. When you are done, your profile will look like the image below.

Members African Vibes

Below is how you get that done.

STEP 1: Log in and go to your Member Dashboard

When you log into the site after registering, you should be directed automatically to your member dashboard. You can also access it by hovering on the top MENU item “MY MENU” and selecting “Dashboard” or from your left menu icons.

On your dashboard, you will see a circle which indicates your profile setup status. If you hover over the circle, it will show you what you have yet to complete. The photo below shows that this profile is 60% complete and is missing a profile photo and cover photo.

Member Dashboard profile complete

STEP 2: Click on Complete Profile Link

To complete your profile, click on the “Complete Profile” link.

African Vibes Member Dashboard

STEP 3: Edit your profile and save

Go through the 3 sections to complete your profile. When done Save it.

Edit Profile

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