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How do I get a badge?

About Badges

We have a list of badges that are earned based on different activity and milestones that our community achieves. Some badges are accomplishment based like our First Comment badge, and others are badges used to identify a type of member like our Supporter badge which is for Insiders who choose to be come Patrons.

Do I earn points with badges?

Some badges come with extra points. The number of points and steps required to get the badge are indicated in the badge details below.

Available Badges

The list of badges is growing so check in to see the latest list of available badges and how to get them.

first comment

First Comment

Booster Points 10 Booster Points

Be the first to leave a comment on 3 posts.

2 Steps

  1. Sign up for any membership
  2. Be the first to comment on a post 3 times
writers 1

Writer Badge

Writer's badge is for editorial content contributors on the platform

4 Steps

  • Get removed from Contributor role 1 time
  • Publish a new post 5 times
  • Get visits on a post 1000 times
  • Get a comment on a post 5 times


Booster Points 1000 Booster Points

The Patron badge identifies users who are Insider Patrons and purchased a Patron membership to support the platform financially.

1 Step

  • Purchase African Vibes Insider Patron membership
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