Afrosapeur Spotlight: What Do You Know About Liberia Rising Star Jaredo?

The rising star Jaredo.
The rising star Jaredo. (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

Is the name Jaredo unfamiliar to you? Then you are not alone, as our Afrosapeur Spotlight is shining on a brilliant young Liberian musician who only appeared on the scene 4 years ago. Outstandingly he has already been the recipient of several music nominations.

Moreover, he won the MTN Liberia Music Award for Collaboration/ Afro-pop Artiste of the Year in 2019. This Afro-pop singer, songwriter, and rapper is also known for his bold colorful style. Here are more tantalizing tidbits about this emerging young artiste.

The growing popularity of Afro-pop music on the Global Platform

Afro-pop is one of the sounds from Africa that is attracting global attention. It is gaining popularity more and more as the masses listen to it through streaming and social media platforms. The term โ€˜โ€™Afro-popโ€™โ€™ refers to African contemporary music that originated with the legendary musician Fela Kuti.

It is a blend of rhythms that incorporate hip-hop, dancehall, and traditional African music. Fela Kutiโ€™s music also carries hints of jazz and funk vibes. Should Jaredoโ€™s star continue to rise, he will join the ranks of Afro-pop superstars such as Tiwa Savage, Wiz kid, Femi Kuti, Burna Boy, and Yemi Alade.

Jaredo shares his formula for success

In November 2020, Jaredo embarked on a promotional tour of Ghana. Whilst he was there, he lamented on the lack of ambition on the part of Ghanaian musicians. That is to say, although they release popular songs, they do little to promote their brands and establish their reputations. Consequently, it hinders them from attaining global recognition. In addition, David Mawuli of quotes him as saying:

โ€œI feel like a musician is a missionary. Music is a mission, and every musician owes it to the profession to carry his message to the world. To me, your gift cannot only be limited to the people of your house. You must dream bigger dreams. You must see the big picture. If there is a price to pay, you must do it. We canโ€™t be lazy and be happyโ€.

How old is Jaredo?

Jaredo was born Christopher Kiyembe on August 27, 2002, therefore, he is 19 years old. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Francois Lubutu Bweyevanga and he was raised in Monrovia, Liberia. He attended the Action Faith Institute Philadelphia School System. Jaredo began singing as a young boy, and he thrilled his listeners by singing in an English dialect known as โ€˜Koloquaโ€™.

How did Jaredoโ€™s career begin?

Jaredoโ€™s talent and passion for singing was no mere childish whim. Therefore, in 2017, he signed a 10-year deal with the Liberian โ€˜โ€™Sounds of Greatnessโ€™โ€™ (SOG) label.ย  Firstly, he released a single entitled โ€˜Wait for Youโ€™โ€™ which marked his launch into the music arena. The song was a hit, and he became the youngest hit artist in Liberia.

His second single โ€˜โ€™Nobodyโ€™โ€™ was an even greater hit and it rose to the top of the charts. Moreover, it received a nomination from MTN Liberia for song of the year. His latest release is โ€˜โ€™Joanaโ€™โ€™ which he describes as a โ€˜โ€™feel goodโ€™โ€™ song.ย  It is in line with his nickname โ€˜โ€˜sugar kidโ€™โ€™.

Jaredo โ€“ a trend-setting Star

As Afro-pop music evolves, so do the fashion trends of the leading stars. There is a youthful breed of celebrities that subscribe to street fashion. Jaredo makes a fashion statement every time he steps into the limelight. He favors hip-hop fashion that is unique and eye-catching. His style is fresh, youthful, and topped by his signature dreadlocks.ย  Here are some of his best looks:

Bold, Brave Hues

 Jaredo in his signature vivid hues
Jaredo in his signature vivid hues (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

A dominant feature of street fashion is the big bold colors, full of positive energy. Jaredo is in a flashy shirt sprinkled with shades of pink, blue and yellow. It has a narrow Chinese collar, and he pairs it with crisp white trousers.

The artiste in bold hues
The artiste in bold hues (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

Hoodies are popular with rappers, and the artist rocks a sunny orange hoodie with a distinctive graphic print at the back. He accessorizes it with snazzy bright-colored trainers.

Jaredo rocks the bold look
Jaredo rocks the bold look (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

There is an African tropical vibe about this bright-colored number. The print on the fabric comprises jolly palm trees and beach scenes. The profusion of chains underscores the importance of accessories in streetwear.

Looking Suave in Black

The young singer is suave in black
The young singer is suave in black (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

Jaredo is looking unusually subdued in this charcoal ensemble. The dark color gives him a confident, polished, and minimalist look and he teams it with the iconic bandana.

Scarlet Splendor

 Jaredo in scarlet splendor
Jaredo in scarlet splendor (Photo Credit: JaRedo Facebook)

Bandanas are another component of hip-hop fashion, and the artiste creates continuity and harmony from the top of his red-colored dreads right down to the edgy checked pants.

Rocking the red and white look
Rocking the red and white look (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

This is an ultra-cool, urban look. By blending pure white tones with brilliant red, Jaredo achieves a look that is effortless and clean.

Casual Tones

Jaredo rocking the casual look
Jaredo rocking the casual look (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

Street fashion is all about baggy tee shirts and catchy prints. The singer is in a sky blue and white tee shirt with a tropical motif at one corner. He pairs it with his favorite white chinos, matching trainers, and collection of trendy chains.

 Denim vibes
Denim vibes (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

Denim is an essential part of hip-hop fashion, and this stylish denim jacket has a white hood and matching cap. The artiste pairs it with a pair of cargo pants and a pair of bright-hued trainers.

Cool Vibes from Jaredo

Cool looks from Jaredo
Cool looks from Jaredo (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

Jaredo looks every inch the star in this eye-catching bomber jacket with a tie and dye pattern. He rocks his signature dreadlocks and wears a chunky silver chain around his neck.

Jaredo's cool vibe
Jaredoโ€™s cool vibes (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

Dreadlocks are popular with Afro-pop artists as it is a celebration of their African heritage. In this freestyle look, Jaredo is in an earth-colored leather sleeveless jacket with a sheepskin collar. He accessorizes it with hip sunglasses and bold silver chains.

The Leather Look

Rocking the leather look
Rocking the leather look (Photo credit: JaRedo Facebook)

This is clean street style at its best. You cannot go wrong with a well-cut black leather jacket paired with cinnamon trousers and a plain white tee shirt. This is a versatile, laid-back look that fits any occasion.


Jaredo has exceptional talent. Few 20-year-olds have achieved the level of success that he has.ย  According to PlusLiberia, the entertainment blog, what gives him an edge over other celebrities is:

โ€œHe writes his own songs, records his own vocals, premixes it, dresses well, humble and good stage
His name is JA-REDO. A name that is so relevant in the industry a lot these days.โ€

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