15 Stunning African Headwraps From Instagram

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The African woman headwrap style is a hair trend that continues to evolve. Recently, it is catching the attention of people outside the shores of the continent. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyoncé have been caught at one point or another wearing African headwrap. 

The practice of wearing a headwrap in Africa dates back centuries. It was used by different communities such as the Yoruba, to distinguish between married, widowed, or unmarried women. In colonial America, the practice of wearing headwraps was imposed on enslaved African women as an act of dominance.

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However, over the last few decades, the headwrap has been reclaimed by the African American community. Consequently, it is now a hairstyle in its own right. If you use Instagram, chances are you’ve come across numerous accounts dedicated to African women’s headwrap styles.

If like many in the African diaspora, you’re looking for a way to connect with your ancestry, wearing a headwrap is a great place to start! There are many pages on Instagram which are dedicated to headwraps styling, and they are a great source of  African woman headwrap inspiration. Keep on reading to discover our 15 stunning African women headwrap styles from Instagram!

1. Headwrap styles

This is one of the African women headwrap styles that keeps you looking young
Photo credit: @headwrapsstyles

This stunning headwrap style with the knot on the front would look fabulous on short braided hair as pictured, but it can also be used to fully wrap the hair. The yellow, black and pink fabric would look stunning in spring and summer. It can also be the perfect touch of color to brighten up any winter outfit!

2. Sissys_headwrap

Photo credit: @sissys_headwrap

This stunning vibrant green headwrap looks fabulous wrapped around the hair as pictured, and can really frame your face to make your best features stand out. Even though it’s a bold color, because it’s a plain fabric, that kind of headwrap can be paired with any outfit easily, for an understated and subtle headwrap style.

3. Divaheadwraps

Photo credit: @divaheadwraps

This gorgeous pink and blue headwrap with black and white detailsand knotted at the top is a great way to add a dash of color to an all black outfit, or to wear to any festive occasion. It embodies the essence of the African woman headwrap; it can be worn for any occasion, and can be made as simple or as intricate as you want.

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4. Wrapqueen

Photo credit: @wrapqueen

This stunning multi colored headwrap with paisley print is worn in a similar way to a bandana, with the knot placed slightly on the side. It’s a very easy style for anyone to pull off, so it’s the ideal headwrap style for you to try

if you’re wanting to try a headwrap but find all the wrapping intimidating!

5. Thewraplife

This beautiful mustard colored headwrap has been wrapped in a way that ressembles a crown of flowers, with a multitude of smaller knots, and is a great style to try if you want a very soft and feminine look. 

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6. Ceeceesclosetnyc

Photo credit: @Ceeceesclosetnyc

This gorgeous black and red  headwrap  with white flowers is made with fabric from Nigeria.It sits high on the head. While it requires more effort and  a technique a little bit more advanced than the headwraps shown above, the majestic effect is completely worth it!

7. TheUrbanTurbanista

African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @TheUrbanTurbanista

This somptuous yellow and dark green tye and dye headwrap makes the model’s hair look like a piece of art, and really makes her beautiful hair stand out. It’s a great hairstyle for any nice event,

and perfect if you want to make your hair the start of the show, as this style of headwrap only covers half of your hair.

8. OsezLeFoulard

African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @Osezlefoulard

This colorful headwrap is made out of the same fabric as the model’s dress, which gives her a very elegant and put together look. If you already like matching the rest of your outfit, then a headwrap that matches your clothes will be the final touch to make you feel classy and well dressed. This headwrap consists of several beautiful knots that makes it look like a flower.

9. Keseri_headwraps_kenya

African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @Keseri_headwraps_kenya 

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This absolutely stunning blue and orange headwrap is made from fabric from Kenya, and as you can see from the eye makeup and jewellery, you can even find ways to match your headwrap to your accessories and makeup! This particular headwrap is similar to a turban, but sits higher on the head than a traditional turban style headwrap.

10. Wrappedbynellz

African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @wrappedbynellz

This beautiful black headwrap adorned with various birds and with a knot at the top of the hair can frame your hair perfectly.It  is the perfect accessory to add a bit of an exotic touch to your hairstyle. Bonus point, if you’re someone who likes to dress in dark colors, a headwrap with touches of colors will elevate your outfit without making it look too flashy.


African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @Coilygirls

This beautiful purple, white and red headwrap is wrapped in a way that resembles a flower, and covers the entire hair, which is ideal if you want to put the focus on jewellery, as pictured. It’s perfect if you want to go for a soft and romantic look.


African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @Fanmdjamn

This lovely multi colored headwrap with colorful patterns as pictured is worn like a crown, It allows you to enhance your hairstyle, without hiding your hair.

This is ideal if you like the idea of a headwrap, but want to show some hair.


African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @Turbanistaparis

This very cute mother and daughter duo is wearing the same white and blue headwrap with touches of yellow and red. This headwrap technique makes the headwrap the focus of attention, as the fabric is knotted around the head and create a circular effect.

Wearing the same headwrap as your sibling or daughter can be a great way to bond and teach each other new head wrapping techniques!

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African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @Dazeita

This stunning  silky white headwraps with pearls would be an amazing look for a wedding. Contrary to many headwraps styles where the hair sits at the top of the head, in this instance, the hair is pulled back in a low bun.

In fact, it could easily outshine the traditional wedding updo thanks to its eleganc. Another added benefit would be that it’s a stress free and quick bridal hairstyle!


African woman headwrap
Photo credit: @Knots_UK

Last but not least, this beautiful traditional headwrap is the way to go if you’re looking for a headwrap style that not only honors your roots, but is also easy and quick to do, with a knot on the side of the head, covering your entire hair. Ideal for a lazy hair day!

After seeing those 15 stunning headwraps, you might need tips to learn how to recreate those headwrap looks like a pro. Check out Fanmdjman’s, who have created a quick and easy guide to help you recreate lots of different African women headwrap styles. If you’re ready to try the headwrap trend but would also like to know more about its history in Africa and its political and historical implications, we recommend this article by the Huffington post.

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