Ethiopia Makes History With Their New President

Sahle-Work Zewde walks with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed after being appointed Ethiopia's first female president at the country's parliament in Addis Ababa on Thursday. Eduardo Soteras/AFP/Getty Images - new president

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Ethiopiaโ€™s parliament has made Sahle-Work Zewde the countryโ€™s first female president. And while the role is largely ceremonial, her appointment carries power in what it signifies.

Sahle-Work, an experienced diplomat, is the first female head of state in Ethiopiaโ€™s modern history. In June, U.N. Secretary-General Antรณnio Guterres appointed Sahle-Work as special representative to the African Union and head of the U.N. Office to the African Union โ€” the first woman in the role. President Sahle-Work Zewde was previously director-general of the U.N. Office at Nairobi and held a range of diplomatic posts, including Ethiopiaโ€™s ambassador to France and Djibouti.