Dual Citizenship: Should All African Countries Allow Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is when someone is legally regarded as a citizen in two different countries. As of 2018, only 26 African countries allowed it. The implication of not accepting dual citizenship is dire, particularly for footballers.

One of the recent events that highlight the severity of not accepting dual citizenship is that of Ansu Fati. The rising soccer player was recently offered Spanish citizenship. However, to be able to accept that, he had to renounce his Guinea-Bissauan citizenship. This is because Guinea-Bissau doesn’t permit dual citizenship.

Lack of dual citizenship made Ansu Fati denounce his Guinea-Bissau citizenship
Lack of dual citizenship made Ansu Fati denounce his Guinea-Bissau citizenship

Unfortunately, Africa is still developing and young Africans are eager to leave the continent for greener pastures. Most of them become successful in their careers and file for citizenship. If they are not from an African country that accepts dual citizenship, they’ll have to renounce their home country to secure their place in their host country. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why it is hard for some African to return to their home countries.

What African countries can gain by permitting dual citizenship

Africans are often denied their rights in western countries because they are not citizens. It is often a tough dilemma for them. Most don’t want to lose their home citizenship but have no choice. If African countries accept such citizenship, it will make it easier for their citizens in the diaspora to return home. Consequently, they can bring their skills and resources to grow the African continent.

It is bound by the law of the two countries. Consequently, they may be subject to double taxation. While this may seem unfair for the citizen, it becomes a good source of revenue for the government. However, those that are against it are usually of the opinion that the citizen will be more loyal to one country and exploit the other. In most cases, their African home will be the loser.

When placed side-by-side, the pros of dual citizenship outweigh the cons. Perhaps it is time for all African countries to consider making laws to permit it. What are your thoughts on this? Use the comment box below.

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