🤔Can You Guess Which African Countries Are The Top 10 Fastest Growing Economies In 2018?

fastest growing economies

Africa has been a continent plagued with the most negative stigmas but the tide is turning. Every year, the World bank curates a list of the fastest-growing economies. The list for 2018 has some shocker that should make every African proud. With the world getting smaller due to globalization, individuals are turning to technology for a livelihood. Thus, this creates an equal chance to wield influence that was once concentrated and managed by a few. The world is certainly never going to be the same again.

That is very true for African countries who are determined to usher in a new era of development, progress, and improved standards of living for its citizens. It then should come as no surprise that on the World Bank’s list of top 10 fastest growing economies in 2018, six of those countries are in Africa.

fastest growing economies
Photo source: Atlas


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