Award Winning Nigerian e-Logistics Startup Launches In Kenya With Ambitious Plans

Nigerian e-logistics startup Kobo360
Nigerian e-logistics startup Kobo360 Photo credit Kobo

Nigerian e-logistics startup Kobo360 has officially launched operations in Nairobi, Kenya. This is the first time the company is expanding its operations to the East Africa region. Moreover, Ms. Kagure Wamunyu, regional CEO asserts that they intend to maximize gains from Mombasa Port, the largest and busiest cargo port in the region. Annually, the port handles over 13 million tonnes of cargo and serves as an entry point for landlocked countries including Uganda, Tanzania, and more.

Transforming Kenya’s Logistics

Generally, Kobo360 plans to digitize the country’s logistics system by building a robust network in the entire East Africa region and beyond. Particularly, it promises to provide the safest and reliable logistics services at the lowest and affordable rates. Also,the startup has already established a strong customer base in the country, including the largest manufacturing and shipping companies. Additionally, the firm partners with Bidco Africa, Bakhresa Group, McNeel Millers, and others.

What Works for Nigerian e-logistics startupKobo360

Kobo360 is a high-tech logistics firm providing end-to-end cargo services. The firm uses a platform to allow cargo owners to ship and receives cargo efficiently through an efficient supply chain network. Established in 2017 by Ife Oyedele II and Obi Ozor, the firm uses a simple app in languages common to truck drivers. Likewise, the platform uses an efficient supply chain framework to connect cargo owners, truck owners, drivers, and cargo recipients in an ecosystem. This minimizes bottlenecks in the system, thus enhancing prompt services.

The firm uses advanced technologies, including the Internet of Things, data analytics, and mobile tech to connect clients in the system. It takes less than 6 hours for the firm to match the cargo owner available trucks and drivers. As a result, this makes things easier for cargo owners and handlers in the system. Furthermore, the greatest gain for Kobo360 startup is the opportunity to access and connect cargo owners, truck owners, and drivers. The startup has made huge profits in a short period of time. This is despite the stiff competition from traditional logistics companies with more established businesses across the world.

Rapid Expansions

The startup has since expanded its operations beyond Nigeria to serve other countries, including Togo, Ghana, and Kenya. Recently, the startup has also launched operations in Uganda. Particularly, the startup owns a huge fleet of over 10,000 trucks and drivers registered on its app. The customer base for the firm has continued to grow, including top companies such as Unilever, DHL, Olam, and others. The firm may continue to expand its businesses to cover the Africa continent in the near future.

Best Disrupter of the Year Award

In March 2019, the startup was branded the β€˜Best Disrupter of 2019 β€˜, during Africa CEO Year Awards Forum in Rwanda. Particularly, the company is recognized for its rapid and significant success in an industry that takes long to penetrate.

Kobo360 started as a mobile app, but as it continues to grow, the firm plans to change its operating system. In addition to connecting producers, distributors, and cargo owners, the firm also offers supply chain management tools and solutions.


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