Afrosapeur Spotlight: Shatta Wale, An Illustrious Career Overshadowed By Controversies

Shatta Wale posing for a shoot

Today, our Afrospeur Spotlight section will look into the life of a renowned dancehall king. Although his illustrious career has been overshadowed by a recent controversy, Shatta Wale has continued to do what he does best. Of late, celebrities are using controversies and scandals to acquire publicity and fame. Could this be the scenario in Shatta Wales’ case? Read on to find out.

A Peek at Shatta Wale’s Background

While responding to Daniel Dadzie during an interview on Joy FM, the musician said that Shatta means a serious person. Wale, on the other hand, is an abbreviation for ‘World Acclaimed Lyrical Entertainer’. Formerly, he was known as Bandana.


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