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Raki is a cosmetology graduate of the esteemed Pivot Point International Academy. She is also a certified trichologist of The National Trichology Training Institute.
Raki specializes in hair care with a focus on “transitioning” and scalp care. She incorporates her knowledge of hair, scalp, massage, nutrition, and essential oils to create a unique curation of luxurious services.
Raki's clientele consists of individuals who are longing to either learn to care for their hair themselves, want a trusted professional to do it for them and people who want a little bit of both.
Raki’s specialty is making the transition period easier for her clients. She helps individuals avoid the big chop by maintaining the relaxed hair length (when possible) by pampering it while nourishing the scalp in preparation for new, stronger hair growth. Raki teaches that natural hair can be easy to manage. It can be intimidating at first but with commitment and the right "coach" you will see that your natural hair is healthy and thriving.
If you are willing to unlearn everything you THOUGHT you knew about your hair then you are ready and we can learn a new together.
Hair and scalp treatment options range from protein, exfoliation, moisturizing, and medicated.
Raki’s primary duty is to establish and maintain the hair's health, integrity, and elasticity while reaching for the various "hair goals" of each client. Raki enjoys working with each client to ensure the best quality service, maintenance and styling options for each. For more information about Raki’s services, contact Raki Loves Hair or book a consultation today!

“Put your head in my hands.”

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