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Funding Available for Projects to Improve Health of Women and Children in Senegal

DAKAR, SENEGAL – To address the urgent need to improve the health of women and children in Senegal, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through the West Africa Trade & Investment Hub (Trade Hub), is offering co-investment grants up to $500,000 for private firms and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that offer creative and innovative healthcare solutions.

To qualify for funding, applicants should address challenges related to improving reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health in Senegal. As part of its mission, USAID is assisting Senegal’s public health sector to improve the country’s health system, and there has been impressive improvement in several health status indicators. But these gains remain both fragile and uneven, with substantial variation in health outcomes geographically, as well as by age and gender.

Now, the USAID-funded Trade Hub is seeking private-sector partners that can help reduce child and maternal deaths, protect communities from infectious diseases, and contribute to an HIV/AIDS-free generation.

“Through leveraging the knowledge, resources, and ingenuity of private-sector partners, we can help provide long-term solutions to improve the health of women and children in Senegal,” said Etienne Chia-ah, Public-Private Partnership Manager for the Trade Hub.

With approximately $720,000 in co-investment funding available, the Trade Hub can provide each potential partner with between $100,000 and $500,000. To qualify for the funds, potential co-investment partners should propose innovative business growth projects in three areas: increasing the volume and range of locally produced maternal-child-adolescent-health-essential generic drugs available in the Senegalese market; increasing the geographic outreach of reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health service delivery through telecommunication and remote electronic access; and new ideas to improve and increase reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health services or outcomes.


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December 24, 2021

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