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Eden Ridge
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Eden Ridge Limited

Since November 2016, the Eden Ridge Brand has been a market leader in the luxury real estate game. Our success is driven by our results - we believe the role of a real estate agent is to put your interests first in guiding one of life’s most important investments (Real Estate) with ingenuity and discretion while supporting the communities we serve.

To change the narrative about the real estate process and lack of trust when it comes to real agents as depicted in statistics of research done, we believe its time as ER, to change the game. To do this, we are reinventing what the ER brand means in the hearts and minds of those who are buying, selling and working in real estate today.

This starts with our new mission- We are innovative and passionate about supporting our clients in developing luxurious, well-designed and structurally sound real estate properties. We have succeeded in developing long-term business partnerships by meeting our clients’ specific needs in ways which respect their individuality, tap into their innovativeness and are commercially sound. We offer a dynamic approach to real estate through acquisition, leasing, management and disposal of property using progressive marketing solutions with particular focus on digital marketing.

We niche ourselves in Luxury
Our Key Focus is seling,managing and letting high end properties to all esteemed clients

We offer nothing but Quality
We conduct our business under strict tenets of integrity and commitment, delivering quality projects within deadline and under budget.

We are Innovators
Real Estate goes well beyond the transaction.Er has built some of the most comprehensive property technology so as to work faster, better and more efficiently with our customer’s anytime and anywhere.


Commercial Properties, Residential Properties, Rentals

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Rose Avenue, Off Ngong Rd
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