13 Black Friday Christmas Gift Ideas For African Moms

Early Christmas shoppers always get the best bargain. You can push your luck further by making your purchase on Black Friday. With the disruption of shipping lines, shopping early is the only way to be certain that your gift will arrive on time. Therefore, it is not too early to start your Christmas shopping now.

Talking about Christmas shopping, we have put together the perfect gift ideas for African moms. You must have heard that African moms are not easy to win overโ€”and there might be a bit of truth in that. However, our Christmas gift ideas are simple, unique, and filled with memories of Africa.

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Thanks to Black Friday, these gifts are going at incredibly low prices. Excited like we are already? Enough of the chitchat. It is time to see, think, and shop!

#1. Tribal African Women Print Laptop Bag

Christmas gift Idea for Black Friday

If your mom is among the tech-savvy, laptop-carrying generation, you are lucky. Get her this tribal African woman print laptop bag and she will thank you for ages to come. One quality that is general to African moms in their late forties is their clinginess to their roots. Now you know.

#2. Womenโ€™s Sling Crossbody Bag

Christmas gift Idea for Black Friday

Perhaps, your mom is not tech-savvy. No need to drop your head or support your chin with your fist. The womenโ€™s sling crossbody bag will give your mom an excuse to always want to go out. If you have been worried that your mom rarely goes out, you know what to do now.

#3. Women Ankara Prints Bags

Black Friday

The thirties moms are not left out. If your mom is in this category, she will definitely blush on sighting this womenโ€™s Ankara print bag. The bag is unique and comes with a clutch purse that will make your mom the cynosure in every event she steps into.

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#4. African Hoop Kente Print Earrings

Christmas gift Idea for Black Friday

Earring is an ageless gift. Regardless of your momโ€™s age, she will always appreciate a good earring. This kente print earring will definitely blow her mind. Take advantage of the Black Friday deal to shop for it.

Wrap it and leave it in front of her door on Christmas Eve. Wait in your room and listen for her screamโ€”because it will definitely come.

#5. Afropick Anti-Static Plastic Hair Pick

Black Friday

The smallest gifts often make the biggest impact. Also, it is often not the size of the gift that matters but the intention. If your mom has Afro or takes her hair routine seriously, this hair pick can be your subtle sign of approval.

#6. UIN Womenโ€™s Fashion Floral Art Sneaker

Black Friday

Here is another Christmas gift idea for young moms that you can purchase this Black Friday. The sneakers are not only trendy but beaming with everything African. There is no better way of making a fashion statement while still staying true to your root.

#7. Portable Hand-held Makeup Purse

Christmas gift Idea for Black Friday

Young moms of today know how to make up and look goodโ€”and the older generation is trying to catch up too. If your mom is in this category, this portable hand-held makeup purse will be a relief. Now, she will never have to leave any of her makeup behind. The purse is attractive and chic. She will definitely love it.

#8. Jade Roller And Gua Sha

Black Friday

Looking for an unorthodox Christmas gift idea to wow your mom? Perhaps, she has learned how to predict all your move. Well, put on your element of surprise with this Jade Roller and Gua Sha.

It is a facial roller that can help relieve tension and reduce puffiness of the face. It is time to turn the game on its heads and we can tell you with certainty that she will never be able to guess what hit herโ€”positively, we mean.

#9. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Black Friday

They say music is food for the soul. Now, here is something that every mom will love regardless of her age. The bass and the quality of the sound will make your mom lose herself within herself. Donโ€™t just get too jealous if she becomes too attached to them that it starts to feel like an addiction.

#10. Leekung African Statue With Candle Tealight

Black Friday

You must have heard that African moms are prayer warriors. That is correct! One object they can hardly do without during their prayer sessions is the candle. If your mom is always on her knees praying for your success, this African sculpture candle holder will push her to pray more. So, include it in your Christmas shopping list.

#11. Luxury Spa Gift Basket

Black Friday

There is a popular saying that black is beautiful. Well, African moms, especially those in their sixties, are often obsessed with emphasizing that beauty. If your mom displays a sense of compulsion to look beautiful, assist her with this luxury spa kit. Share her response with us in the comment box below.

#12. African Ludo Game

Black Friday

African moms may have perfected the craft of talking too much. However, if you donโ€™t have the same mastering of talking or listening, the excitement of your presence will soon wane. This African ludo is a great tool to punctuate a long discussion session.

#13. Ankara head-wrap

Black Friday

Still talking about beauty, African moms know how to complement their outfit with a nice matching head-wrap. If you doubt this take a closer look at the WTO-DG Dr. Okonjo Iweala. If this is something that your mom likes to, jump on Black Friday deals to get her as many as possible.


Christmas comes with a unique feeling that leaves some excited and others overwhelmed. If you are among the latter, the secret to beating that feeling is by starting your preparation early.

Therefore, seize the huge discount opportunity presented by Black Friday to get your game on. Which of the gifts will you get for your mom this Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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