Afrosapeur Spotlight: Alexander Siddig Reacts To Being Killed On Game Of Thrones

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“Many in Dorne want war. But I’ve seen war. I’ve seen the bodies piled on the battlefields. I’ve seen orphans starving in the cities. I don’t want to lead my people into that hell”. Those were the words of Alexander Siddig acting as Prince Doran Martell in Game of Thrones (GoT). The Hollywood star is a trailblazer in cinematics, but, is he even an African?]

When Prince Doran Martell said those golden words to Ellaria Sand, he exuded his characteristic poise, class, and elegance. He carried himself with the grace of a true prince and exemplified what royalty is all about. Beyond his cinematic prowess, the man behind the character, Alexander Siddig, is the true definition of being fashionable, gentle, suave, and classy. Here is what we know about Alexander Siddig and his spectacular fashion.

Who Is Alexander Siddig? 

Alexander Siddig was born Siddig El Tahir El Fadil El Siddig Abderahman Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Abdel Karim El Mahdi on November 21, 1965, in Wad Madani in Sudan to a Sudanese dad and a British mom. He spent most of his life in Britain where he attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA). His maternal uncle is actor Malcolm McDowell. Also, another of his paternal uncle was twice the prime minister of Sudan.

Siddig attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) to study acting and theater. After leaving LAMDA he did a stage season in Manchester and worked as a director at a small London theater. When he began acting, he adopted a shortened version of his name, Siddig El Fadil. Subsequently, he then changed it to Alexander Siddig at the start of the fourth season of Deep Space Nine. He explains the reason for his name change,

“My name was a little confusing to people. And not just the audience. Casting directors are much more incapable of remembering one’s name than the audience. Producers can be handicapped in that too. The other name said too much about what I wasn’t. Siddig El Fadil is an important name. It is my name, officially, on my passport and all that, and one that I will keep. As for Alexander, that was just a name out of a hat” 

A union between Siddig and his Deep Space Nine co-star Nana Visitor produced a son, Django El Tahir El Siddig. 

Life Beyond Movies 

When it comes to what he wears, Alexander Siddig is as brilliant off the camera as he is behind it. Dating back to his late 30s, he has never failed to light up any occasion. Although he isn’t the usual product of pageantry contests, Alexander Siddig stands tall with the big boys when it comes to his dress sense. Alexander Siddig has grown from being a regular actor to being a fashion icon. At 55, he certainly wouldn’t look out of place on the runway. 

Prince Doran Martell May Have Died But…

As a fashion icon, Alexander Siddig keeps up with his fans and followers, updating them on his every move both on social media and off it. Recently, he came to speak about the sudden death of his role in the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. In an interview with StarTrek, Alexander Siddig lamented the abrupt manner in which his role in the acclaimed show came to an end. According to him, 

“If they were going to kill me off at the end of the last season, why would they contract me for those four episodes? Because it costs them money whether I do them or not, so it’s not great business sense to do it. Something happened; I have no idea what.” 

He was full of passion for the show, but it wasn’t meant to be till the end. Ever since his stint with GoT ended, Alexander Siddig has moved on to other stuff. His role in Star Wars continues and he is relishing every single moment of it. In 2020, at the height of lockdown, Siddig hosted a biweekly zoom session called Sid Q&A where fans could sign up to speak to the actor one-on-one. So, Alexander Siddig is living his life—and helping others live better, too. 

Alexander Siddig’s Style 

Although Alexander Siddiq doesn’t post much pictures on his social media pages, we were able to find a few that tell the story of his fashion sense. Regadless of the fact that some of these images are from movie costumes, they often showcase his Arabic heritage.

Traditional looks

Alexander Siddig Images
Alexander Siddig exudes class everywhere he shows up.
As a North African, Alexander Siddig pays homage to his culture with this royal dress. Although worn on set for Game of Thrones, it is a ravishing tribute to his Throne — and his fashion sense.

Alexander Siddig Images
The Arab Prince snapped on this one.
The Arab Prince went for the turban this time around. Siddig is all shades of gorgeous in Arab wear, just like he does in English wear.

Casual wear

Alexander Siddig Image
Alexander Siddig stepping up to the show.
In this shoot for Hunger Magazine, Alexander Siddig is creatively styled in special casual sweatshirts as he campaigns to end world hunger.

Alexander Siddig in an interview
Alexander Siddig in an interview
While speaking before the release of a season of GoT, Alexander Siddig rocked this combo. The Arab-style safari coat blends perfectly with the wool turtleneck sweater. In fact, the outfit seems to make him look younger than his age.

Alexander Siddig Images
Alexander Siddig, brimming with class.
At 55, Alexander Siddig has no right to turn up looking this good. But, he is Alexander Siddig, so he can do it effortlessly. In this simple-but-chic dress, Siddig rocks a sky blue shirt faded trousers. But it’s not what he wears but how he looks in it.

Siddig in suit

Alexander Siddig
Alexander Siddig looking peng in suit.
In this pre-production shoot for the sixth season of 24, Alexander Siddig keeps it simple in this black suit, but the combination with the striped shirt makes it one of the dresses you want to put on you.

Alexander Siddig Images
Alexander Siddig looking absolutely stunning.
This bespoke suit is a true fashion masterpiece. In it, Siddig looks absolutely comfortable and stunning too. The checked shirt balances it out in color and tone to produce a gentlemanly look for the fresh prince.


Alexander Siddig Amazing Photos
Alexander Siddig looking great at home.
A perfect color blend of a sky blue shirt tucked in between a neatly sewn striated suit and a vintage tie. You don’t see a man rocking a floral time for an official occasion all the time, do you? Siddig looks at home in this dress.


Alexander Siddig’s great fashion sense has certainly contributed to his fame and popularity. As an actor, he has been great, but as a model and fashion influencer, he has been outstanding. Who do you think should be our next Afrosapeur of the week? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section and your fave might just be in the spotlight.


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