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30 Black Men Style Ideas From Instagram



There is a saying that African men are not stylish. It only seems so because it is often hard to find a suiting black man’s style. Thankfully, that trend is changing. We know many guys out there want to look good, but they don’t know where to find the inspiration. Well, Instagram happens to be the sweet spot for everything fashion. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the spectacular Instagram accounts dedicated to style for black men.

1. Plaid Suit Official Look (Mr.kennethboggs)

106003622 740306050077369 998171739705410734 n.jpg?tp=1& nc ht=scontent mba1 1.cdninstagram

Photo credit: Mr.kennethBoggs

Plaid suits are a decent yet stylish way of breaking the monotony of plain color suits. This look, in particular, pairs a full plaid suit with a maroon tie, brown shoes, and a gold watch. This is the perfect style for those that want to stand out.

2. Pin Stripe Three-Piece Official Look (Suitsharks)

Photo by Mens Fashion & Suits on January 06, 2021. May be an image of 1 person, outerwear and suit.

Photo credit: Mens Fashion & Suits

Idris Elba is one of our celebrity plug for men’s style. We all know pinstripe suits have been there since time immemorial—and they are not looking like they are leaving anytime soon. The star actor dawns a three-piece pinstripe suit, and it’s just hard to look away.

3. Pull Neck and Jeans Casual Look (jdfrierson)

Photo by Jeremy Frierson in men style idea. May be an image of 1 person.

Photo credit: Jeremy Frierson in Gucci

Woe unto you if you think casual looks cannot get stylish. Hopefully, this black men’s style idea will change your mind about that. This stylish combination of a pull-neck paired with blue jeans, a jacket, and a high-cut boot is a stunner.


4. Layered Official Look (Brandon. Rashad)

4 mens design

Photo credit: Brandon Rashatd

Many People often assume layered looks would make you bogus. The truth is, when you pair your outfit well and layer it correctly, you will remain stylish. You can use a different style coat to break the monotonous appearance.

5. All Black Look (iamcaez )

all black mens design outfit

Photo Credit: iamcaez

There is something chic about an all-black look. It is bold and stylish. You can accentuate the look by putting on gold accessories. Furthermore, you could go from official to casual within minutes if you match the right fabrics and accessories.

6. Casual Street Wear (queyoun )

casual street wear

Photo credit: queyoun

Anyone can look casual. However, looking stylishly casual requires extra effort. A hoodie, baseball hat, and a pair of comfortable kicks will give you the extra casual look. 

7. Matching Shirt and Short Casual Look (ayoubm_)

matching shirt and short black men style

Photo credit: @ayoubm

Matching shirts and shorts made of African print is the new cool. The right fabric color will look stylish. You can pair it with casual shoes, preferably north star rubbers.

8. All about Denim (therealdonnysavage )

denim on denim black men style

Photo credit: @therealdonnysavage

Pairing denim for both your top and bottom look is the perfect black men’s style. Pair this with a t-shirt and great kicks, and you will get a great combination of comfort and style. 

9. Monochrome Suit (dapperlydone)

monochrome suit black men style

Photo credit: @dapperlydone

Dressing in mono-color is still much in vogue. However, the tailoring needs to be topnotch and slim-fitting for people to ignore your lack of color diversity. 

10. Sweater and Jeans Casual Streetwear (arone_crosss)

bomber jacket and casual jeans street wear

Photo credit: @arone-crosss

You will reconsider how you use your sweater after looking at this picture. A great casual shirt and a pair of rugged jeans would fit this look. Leather boots would complete the casual look.

11. Sweatsuit Black Men Style Casual Look (niccvsh )

sweat suit casual look mens design

Photo credit: @niccvsh

Sweatsuits are comfortable and stylish. They are great for that weekend vibe or when you want to laze around the house. However, make sure you don’t use them during the summer or you’ll get really sweaty. 

12. Puffy Jacket Casual Streetwear (menofcalibre)

Puffy jacket casual wear

Photo credit: @menofcalibre

Puffy Jackets are a trending style that keeps you warm and fashionable. Pair them with sweatpants, white kicks, and a pair of cool sunglasses for a complete street look.

13. Plain Polo Shirt with Fitting Bottoms (nicosuavea )

plain polo shirt with fitting bottoms

Photo credit: @nicosuavea

When it comes to fashion, break as many rules as possible, but stay stylish while at it. This look breaks the monotony of a full official look. Remove the official shirt and replace it with a casual polo. 

14. Leather Jacket and Black Jeans Casual Streetwear (Mr.passy)

leather jacket and black jeans casual wear

Photo credit: @mr. passy

Leather jackets make any outfit stand out. Pair a casual outfit with a leather jacket to make it even more stylish. It’s also a nice fashion accessory that will help you to get through the winter. 

15. Mix and Match Denim Wear (audrey_lunda)

mix and match denim wear

Photo credit: @audrey-lunda

Denim is the epitome of streetwear. You can literally pair denim with any casual outfit, and it would look good. A black-on-black men’s style casual look definitely needs a denim jacket. 

16. Cardigan and Jeans (mrrlittle)

cardigan and jeans black men style

Photo credit: @mrrlittle

Cardigans are becoming more fashionable. Paired with turn-up jeans, they make casual looks stylish. Cardigans bring a sophisticated look to casual black men style. The jeans break the sophistication to make it look easy and laid back.  

17. African Attire (mctopaz_clothing )

african attire black men style

Photo credit: @mctopaz-clothing

African attires are becoming very popular, especially in events. The linen pair of Ankara attire should be a must-have in every man’s closet.  

18. Ankara Bomber Jacket Casual Look (loicrostand)

ankara bomber jacket black men style

Photo credit: @loicrostand

One great thing about bomber jackets is the fact that they are unisex. Furthermore, we can’t deny the rich African vibe which the Ankara bomber jackets add to a casual outfit. 

19. Trench Coat Autumn Look (pmlegend)

trench coat autumn look black men style

Photo credit: @pmlegend

Trench coats are one way to keep you warm and stay stylish. Long trench coats bring out the layering effect and make your entire outfit Stand out. 

20. Color-blocked Official Look (myblkcoffee)

color blocked black men style official look

Photo credit: @myblkcoffee

Color blocking is an ingenious way of being bold and stylish. You can color block your official look using bold and subtle colors. 

21. Suspender Official Look (mrgilly87)

suspender black men style

Photo credit: @mrgilly87

Suspenders are one of the accessories that will never go out of style. Suspenders on an official plaid suit will give you a sophisticated and clean look.

22. Casual Look with a Fedora Hat (neyo)

casual look with a fedora hat black men's style

Photo credit: @neyo

Ne-Yo really is the king of hats; the singer has a trademark style of topping up his outfit with a fedora hat for a stylish look. A fedora hat may be the key to making your outfit look fashionable.  

23. Casual Pinstripe Suit (black menswear)

pinstripe suit black mens style

Photo credit: @blackmenswear

Pinstripe suits can also be tailored to fit the casual look. The most striking feature of this one is the lack of collar. This pinstripe casual is laid back. 

24. Double-breasted Mint Green Suit (black menswear)

mint green suit

Photo credit: @blackmenswear

You never imagine how good a colored suit would look until you see someone put it on. This mint-green suit is a statement piece, a great option if you love bright colors. 

25. Layered Look (kevinrsamuels)

layered look

Photo credit: @kevinrsamuels

Layering is a fashionable way of putting on your outfits. You can add spice to your official look by putting on a long coat on top of your sweater to make it stylish. 

26. Houndstooth Official Suit (blackmenwithstyle

houndstooth offical black mens style suit

Photo credit: @blackmenwithstyle

Houndstooth suits will never go out of style. They are easy to pair and accessorize and give you that edgy appearance of an office nerd.

27. Animal Pants Plain Paired with a Jacket (mr_adomako)

animal print pants paired with a plain jacket

Photo credit: @mr-adomako

This look breaks the redundancy of matching the top to the bottom outfit. It is bold, comfortable, and stylish. You can also pair it with a variety of shoes. Don’t forget to wear a broad smile because that is the ultimate secret to being attractive.

28. Leisure Safari Suit (buttonbrothers)

leisure safari suit black mens style

Photo credit: @buttonbrothers

Next time you go on that safari tour, have this black men style jungle green suit in mind. It will remind you of the heroes who fought for the liberty of the people of Africa. It also has enough pockets to hold souvenirs. 

29. Light Green Silk (kingkwaz)

Light green silk suit

Photo credit: @kingkwaz

Silk suits are making a comeback in the fashion industry. For some, this will only fit for night wear. However, this outfit is not only comfortable but also helps your body to maintain the right temperature.  

30. Flared Bottoms (wisdm)

Flared bottoms black mens style

Photo credit: @wisdm

The good thing about fashion is that they continue to recycle. Flared pants rocked the 60s and 70s but are making a comeback. Interstingly, they are unisex. Even though it takes a bold person to flaunt the pants, they are stylish in their own way.


Men’s style are diverse and versatile. Hopefully, our pick will inspire you to change your wardrobe. One thing we would like to mention is that fashion is all about confidence. Trending fashion will still not look good on you if you are not confident about what you are wearing. Lastly, don’t jump on every trend. Some outfits look better on people with a certain body type. That said, what is your best men’s style from out list? Fell free to send us a picture of yourself in your favorite outfit.

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