Vimbai Zimuto To Host Vimbaitude Photographic Art Exhibition

Vimbai Zimuto

Vimbai Zimuto is prolific Zimbabwean songstress. However, there was a recent air of controversy hovering over her head. It all started when the Netherlands-based diva used a nude picture to send a condolence to the victims of the recent ill-fated Ethiopian Airways. She has since defended her actions in an interview with NewsDay. Speaking with Life & Style reporter, Winstone Antonio, she said,

“That photo symbolizes the feeling of a person who has just lost their loved one; that emptiness, and that feeling where you lose your senses because you’ve lost the most important person in your life. You feel stripped of everything that you have. You feel destroyed, crushed, hit like a nail by a hammer.”

Critics are already predicting that the upcoming exhibition is all about nudity. However, Vimbai Zimuto says it is not but will feature pictures, poetry, and comedy. The first art exhibition dubbed ‘Vimbaitude Photographic Art Exhibition’ will hold at The Venue in Avondale on the 27th of June. The theme of the event is ‘Bold African Lioness’,

The Many shades of Vimbai Zimuto

Vimbai Zimuto believes she has many sides which her fans don’t know about. After the nude picture incident, critics said it was a publicity stunt. However, Vimbai Zimuto was quick to remind them that her music was already doing well. In the interview with Antonio, she said,

“My music was already doing well before I decided to express my other side as an artist. I have worked behind the scenes for 16 years as a backing vocalist for the late Oliver Mtukudzi, Tanga Wekwa Sando, Umoja CFC, Music Crossroads and Daughters of Africa, among others. So, people never knew who I was and what I am.”

Vimbai Zimuto
Vimbai Zimuto Photo credit Youtube

In another interview with The Herald, Vimbai Zimuto reiterated her desire to express her numerous talents. Also, she sees the exhibition as a way of getting people to know about her world of art. She also promises some surprise performances during the exhibition.

“I am a diverse artist. A musician, model, dancer, choreographer, writer, actress and film director by profession. I have been limiting my potential for too long due to fear of the unknown and always waiting for people to accept me but now I am doing it all without boundaries or feeling unsure because I can do this. I have lots of visual and performing artistes of different genre lined up for this exhibition. Will also be releasing the artistes soon after all the contracts has been signed up.”

Inspiration and role model

For Vimbai Zimuto, her work and art are about boldness, “the boldness of an African goddess who has no apologies for being herself”. According to her, this is where the inspiration for the exhibition stems from. She said,

“Black women are judged in the world for their hair, skin, body structure, beauty and so forth. when they see natural black women being so proud they feel challenged, frustrated and tickled because that is one thing our ancestors had and were robbed of. My Africa-ness is more powerful and is something money can’t buy.”

Vimbai Zimuto sees her late grandmother as her role model. She is not also bothered about defending her nude art. Instead, she said it does not need defense. When Antonio asked her a similar question some months ago, she said,

“Nude art is the purest art there is from body art. You can see emotions, expressions, anger, happiness, sadness, weakness and truth. But it is for those that are open-minded enough to see beyond the nakedness.”


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