Egyptian Becomes Youngest Participant At The 59th International Quran Recital Competition

The lovely boy

It is quite sad that in our world today, religion has been largely polarized across lines of extremism. The drowning volumes of bloodshed over religion have almost flushed the sanctity of religion away; horrors committed on the gloves of religious radicalism. It is that bad that we have almost forgotten the basic essence of religion: connection with very existence, synchronization with the fundamental love for humanity.

Islam has been worse hit. Having been so sprayed with the odor of violence, people now readily see Islam as foul and would add more level of vigilance when in the company of a turban. But this is not true. Islam is as beautiful as Christianity same as every religion in the world sparkling in their peculiarity. And things get prettier when a lovely little boy shows such sparkling brilliance in his level of knowledge of the Quran, such dazzling knowledge not really acquainted with his supposed size of brains considering his tender age.

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The lovely boy

Meet the amazing Taha Ezat Basyony Awad Ibrahim, the 15-year-old Egyptian who edited history penning his name in time by becoming the youngest person participating in the 59th International Quran Recitation and Memorization competition.

Taha Ezat Basyony Awad Ibrahim who was speaking through an interpreter from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), revealed his Islamic enthusiasm when he shared that his training on the Quran started at just six years old.

“I felt very nervous at the beginning but everything is under control reading as usual because this is not the first time I participated in such competition.

“In my family, I managed to memorize the entire Quran constituents. However, my sister Manghafaz only partially and this is the result of the guidance of my teacher Sheikh Muhammad Dil and my father,” he told reporters.

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Speaking further on his ambitions. “I aspire to be a religious teacher and memorize the Quran in the future, then to realize my ambitions are studying at the Madrasah Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt,” he said.

A combined number of 89 participants partook in the event which spreads across 55 countries involving a total of 33 people. So you see age is never an obstacle to success. Never concede to the traditional laziness of saying you are too young for greatness!


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