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Seal shares a lesson in romance



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“Kiss from a Rose” singer Seal and his Victoria Secret model wife Heidi Klum just tied the knot for the fifth time in a laid-back ceremony where the bride and mom-to-be wore a white dress and walked the aisle barefooted while Seal dressed up in a Billy Ray Cyrus inspired wig.

When Metro UK asked him the importance of getting married every year, he said “One of the things I love so much about my wife and my relationship to her is that we have a lot of fun. People often ask me, they say ‘oh you two are so romantic’ and ‘what are the keys to romance?’ – we don’t really try and be romantic. But what we do try and do is to keep everything fun, and I think in a funny way therein lies the key to romance; the ability to always laugh and to find different ways of entertaining each other.”

Renewal of vow

Seal also said to the paper that the renewal of vows makes you think about why you got married.”Not that it’s easy to forget with my wife because she’s so delicious,” he joked. The couple, who are expecting their fourth child, chose ‘white trash’ as the novelty theme for the ceremony.


“We had a lot of fun with (it). It’s something we both looked forward to. We were gonna do it in Mexico but for obvious reasons we had to relocate as it were. It was fun. This year we got married by Elvis and that was funny. Instead of saying ‘I do’, he went ‘say after me, do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, uh huh huh?’ and so it was a bit ridiculous. But that’s what we said instead of ‘I do’.”

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