17 Insanely Scary African-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes light up the entire streeet during the celebration (Photo credit Xinhua News AgencyGetty Images)
Halloween costumes and crafts have become part of the celebration (Photo credit: Anastasilia Boriagina/Getty Images/Stockphoto)
Halloween costumes and crafts have become part of the celebration (Photo credit: Anastasilia Boriagina/Getty Images/Stockphoto)

There are many festivities that take place all over the world with interesting origins and meanings. Today, we will look into one famous festival called Halloween and some of the African-themed Halloween costumes to spice up the celebration.

Halloween is observed on Oct. 31 of every year. The festivity mostly happens in western countries but it is slowly finding roots in Africa and other continents. Every year, celebrants of the festival dress up to be the scariest—in a cool way.

Halloween is believed to have originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts lived over 2000 years ago in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and northern France. Later on, they migrated to North America from where the festival has spread to other parts of the world.

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The Merging of Samhain and All Hallow’s Day

The Samhain festival which evolved to become Halloween is believed to have pagan roots. It was basically a ritual that marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter. The winter or cold season was deemed as the darker half of the year. Since it coincided with harvest time, food was usually in abundance.

Consequently, food, drink, and crop offerings were made to appease the Aos Si so as to ensure the survival of people and livestock throughout the winter. In the same manner, the offerings were made to appease the souls of the dead who were believed to return home seeking hospitality.

On the other hand, All Hallow’s Day was observed by the early Western Church. It was started by Pope Gregory III. This was the day in which the faithful remembered the dead saints, holy apostles, confessors, and martyrs. It was commemorated on Nov. 1.

The Germanic and the Celtic-speaking people who remembered the dead at the onset of winter were the congregants of this early church. Thus, this explains how the Samhain festival merged with All Hallow’s Day to become Halloween.

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Halloween in African culture

Most African cultures carry out various festivities and rituals to appease and commemorate the dead. Just like Halloween, the ceremonies are observed to ward off evil spirits looking to torment the people.

These astonishing rituals are done mostly during burials and circumcision. The Odo Festival in Nigeria, Makishi Masquerade in Zambia, and Gungu Festival in DR Congo are some of such popular rituals.

In all these festivities, one thing is common and that is the use of costumes. They were mainly worn to ward off ghosts. Coincidentally, Halloween was also marked by carving pumpkin lanterns, lighting bonfires, and the use of black and orange or golden colors for decoration.

Now you know a thing or two about Halloween, here are some African-themed Halloween costumes that will afronize your Halloween in a way like you have never experienced it in the past.

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#1. Princess Halloween Costume

Light green and cream dress
Light green and cream dress ( Photo Credit: Amazon)

This light green and cream dress is the best gift for your little girl. The shiny light green material finishing the neckline and decorating the bodice and waist creates a modish and girly look. The sleek golden flat shoes accompany the dress so nicely. Pair this with a suede witch hat and you will steal the show.

#2. Men’s King of Egypt King Tut Halloween Costume

African-themed Halloween Tut Costume
African-themed Halloween Tut Costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Egyptian mummies are portrayed regularly in horror movies. How about bringing that feeling to life with this Egyptian-themed costume? Gold and black bring out the royal feel of this Egyptian king-themed Halloween costume. It heavily borrows from Egyptian royal attires worn by the pharaohs.

#3. Queen Cleopatra Costume

Queen Cleopatra African-themed Halloween costume
Queen Cleopatra’s African-themed Halloween costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

The Egyptian queens adorned themselves with expensive jewelry and clothes. This African-themed Halloween costume is the perfect attire if you want to recreate this look. There is always an ardor of sorcery that goes with this costume. Just make sure your neighbors and friends can take it.

#4. Queen Cleopatra Costume Variation 2

Leg Avenue Queen Cleopatra African-themed Halloween costume
Leg Avenue Queen Cleopatra African-themed Halloween costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

The most exciting thing about African-themed Halloween costumes is that they come in different variations. This gold and black African-themed Halloween costume will give you a Queen Cleopatra look. The queen was known for initiating trade dealings with numerous Arab nations which led to the growth of the Egyptian economy.

#5. Dora Milaje Costume

Marvel Avengers African-themed Halloween costume
Marvel Avengers African-themed Halloween costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

In addition to creating a huge impact in the movie industry, Marvel’s Avengers have gone ahead to cause huge ripples in the fashion industry. This African-themed Halloween costume was designed for teens. Nothing scares men like an African warrior queen.

#6. Queen Cleopatra Variation 3

Cleopatra African-themed Halloween Costume
Cleopatra African-themed Halloween Costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

This is yet another Cleopatra African-themed Halloween Costume for you to choose from. Note how the gold, black, and shiny silvery colors look so good together. Rocking this dress on Halloween night will make you look like a pre-historic Egyptian princess come to life.

#7. Exquisite Cleopatra Costume Variation 4

Exquiste Cleopatra African-themed Halloween costume
Exquisite Cleopatra African-themed Halloween costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Perhaps, you don’t want all the drama with other Cleopatra costumes. Here is another maxi version of the African-themed Halloween Cleopatra costume. Once again gold and black colors match up to keep up with the norm of the occasion. It is a great choice if you are not comfortable with revealing attires.

#8. Egyptian Goddess Costume

African-themed Egyptian Goddess Halloween Costume
African-themed Egyptian Goddess Halloween Costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Are you still looking for an Egyptian African-themed Halloween costume? Here is another pick for you. This time you will look more like a fashionable pre-historic Egyptian princess. With staff in one hand, many people will think that you are about to cast a spell.

#9. Snow White Costume

Snow White Halloween Costume
Snow White Halloween Costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Yellow and blue never looked so good side-by-side. The red decorations and the little flare at the waist give this gorgeous dress a nice finish. Also, note the shiny golden flat shoes completing this girly look. This is the kind of costume that you want to pair with a witch hat and heavy skeletal make up.

#10. Black Panther Shuri Costume

USA Black Panther Shuri African-themed Halloween Costume
USA Black Panther Shuri African-themed Halloween Costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

When the Black Panther movie hit the cinema in 2018, it immediately warmed up the hearts of millions globally. The movie also brought about new fashion trends that are ideal for African-themed Halloween costumes. This is just one of them.

#11. Black Panther Costume

Women's Marvel Classic Black Panther Haloween Costume
Women’s Marvel Classic Black Panther Haloween Costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Still on the Marvel effect in the fashion industry, here is a Black Panther Halloween costume. The black and shiny silver stripes decorations blend so well. Is this a costume you would want to give a try this Halloween? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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#12. Egyptian Goddess Costume

Egyptian African-themed Halloween animal print costume
Egyptian African-themed Halloween animal print costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Back to Egypt, but not literally, and we find this golden African-themed Halloween costume. The animal print definitely makes a bold statement. The splash of black color and the use of beads complete this look. Egyptians are generous with the quantity of material they use for a cloth.

#13. Dreamgirl Men’s Ramses

Dreamgirl Men's Ramses Costume
Dreamgirl Men’s Ramses Costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Halloween is not for women and children alone. Men also have numerous themed costumes they can wear for the celebration. This is another great inspiration from the Egyptian pharaoh’s ancient attires. White and gold look perfectly good together on this brave and sober model. Flash a sword—albeit not a real one—to look more fierce. Just make sure you have the right body for the right fit.

#14. Prince Akeem Costume

Prince Akeem Costume
Prince Akeem Costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Although the suit is not necessarily a costume, the hat, stole and necklace gives it a whole new perspective. Therefore, the whole look qualifies for a Halloween day outing, right? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

#15. Coming to America Costume

Akeem Costume for Adults
Akeem Costume for Adults (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Contemporary meets culture in this outfit. The animal print depicting the actual cat hanging on the shoulder is such an interesting look. In the dark of the night, it can give an onlooker a chill.

#16. Rubie Halloween Costume

Endgame Child's Deluxe Falcon Halloween costume
Endgame Child’s Deluxe Falcon Halloween costume (Photo Credit: Amazon)

We have not stopped marveling at Marvel Avengers Halloween costumes yet. This is a perfect treat for your boy who is looking to have that heroic look. It is a subtle call on your kid to be a hero and chase the monsters.

#17. Egyptian King Pharaoh Costume

King Pharaoh Deluxe Halloween Costume for Men
King Pharaoh Deluxe Halloween Costume for Men (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Once again the pharaoh look is still here with us. Unlike the other attires, this is more colorful with an addition of blue and red colors to the usual gold and black. It is your subtle call to rule the world of demons.


With all these costumes, this year’s Halloween should be livelier than other years. Now, you will be the center of attraction in your neighborhood and beyond. Do you have other costume plans for Halloween this year? Feel free to let us know in the comment box below.

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