11 Ways To Give Back To Society This Holiday Season

Giving back to Society happy holidays

The holiday season is here and Christmas bells are ringing in the distance. Numerous families across are already converging ahead of the celebrations. Apart from returning to their homes and loved ones with love in their hearts, homecoming also leads to gift sharing.

This has been a challenging year for many with quarantines happening and COVID-19 still hovering. However, there are still ways to make a difference this season even in a pandemic.

11 Ways to Give Back This Season

Africans living on the continent have significant roles to play in giving back to society. The very first reason for this is that the continent nurtures them and in turn. Thus, they owe it to society to return the favor. Here are cool ways to stamp your feet in the sands of time. 

#1 Volunteering

Africa has an estimated 1.3 billion inhabitants. In this huge number is a wide range of professionals and scores of people needing various services. Therefore, Africans can give back to their society this holiday season by volunteering in free services. Health professionals and practitioners, for example, can volunteer to offer basic health checks at no cost. Many Africans don’t go for regular medical checks because they can’t afford it.  

#2 Donating to Charities

A popular proverb says “give and it shall come back to you”. Non-profit organizations take on responsibilities that range from educating orphan children to catering for refugees. Many charities accept cash donations. Others accept unused items like clothes or Christmas presents which they share out to the needy. There are charities that partner with big companies so that when you make purchases a certain percentage of the profit goes to the charity. 

#3 Visiting Opharnages and Prisons

Sometimes, a mere presence is worth more than numerous presents. Orphanage and prison visit warms the hearts of those in such institutions. It is a brilliant way to show love to society and perfectly fits the holiday spirit. Seize the opportunity to discuss with them and inquire about their wellbeing. For example, you can address prison inmates who are about completing their time, urging them to be law-abiding citizens. Also, you can address new inmates encouraging them to grow positive values while serving their time. Visits can also be used as an opportunity to motivate and inspire orphans.   

giving back to orphanages while celebrating in this holiday season

#4 Creating a Form of Employment:

Many African countries are struggling with depreciating economies and increasing unemployment. Like the rest of the world, these conditions have been worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic. You can create employment opportunities for the unemployed so they can get little cash to celebrate with their family. Acts like paying to get the lawn mowed, using laundry and car wash services among other things will go a long way.     

#5 Supporting Religious Activities

Religion is a big part of African society. Religious activities have proven to improve education, economy, health, and a number of other aspects of human life. Morality and self-discipline are also encouraged by religion. Supporting religious activities will help enhance the lifestyle of people in society. This is good for the holiday season.  

#6 Mentoring Someone

Africa has a lot of young people in its population. This group usually requires mentoring. The importance of mentoring is to give direction, advice, and support especially to those with high tendencies of deviating from socially accepted standards. As a way of giving back to society, mentoring is worthy of consideration. Mentoring someone involves sharing ideas and experiences, communicating achievements and difficulties, as well as providing emotional and psychological support.  

#7 Promoting Education

The COVID-19 pandemic came with far-reaching effects. Among these is the physical closure of schools and the suspension of academic activities. This has turned out harmful to the not-so-solid African education system. Promoting education in the form of donating books and academic materials to students or school libraries, or paying tuition fees is a heroic act. In this holiday season, we should push for a better academic system. This will provide a nurturing ground for the African leaders of tomorrow.

#8 Planting Trees

Advancement in technology is hurting nature in different ways. International attention has been drawn to the rising issues of climate change, CO2 emissions, and deforestation. Governments are gradually turning to eco-friendly policies but Africans can still give back to society by planting trees. This will prove both decorative and useful to the environment because trees mop Co2 as explained by National Geographic. In addition to this, studies show that trees have a direct positive impact on human psychology. The results include reducing stress and anxiety levels, and a generally happy feeling. Do something this holiday season that is more than yourself and you will be bursting with happiness.     

Planting trees this holiday as a way of giving back to society

#9 Financial Support

Developing countries experience a large financial inflow through actions like diaspora philanthropy and remittances. This holiday season, support celebrations at home by sending money to them. Also, financial support in the form of buying holiday travel tickets for Africans who wish to celebrate Christmas at home is another creative idea. 

#10 Ordering gifts

Everyone loves gifts. Whether for family or charity, Africans in the diaspora can help ignite the holiday spirit by ordering gifts for someone in their home country. There are a number of amazing ideas. Depending on the age, gender, and general preference of the recipients, gifts can come as toys or fashion accessories. 

Ordering gift this holiday season as a way of giving to society

#11 Political Advocacy

Africans in the diaspora can contribute to the holiday season through political advocacy. The Pan-African Council dictates that “diasporans are uniquely positioned to exert pressure on their respective governments for legal, policy and regulatory changes. Many Africans have made it to top positions outside Africa in 2020. Their actions can help inspire the international community to see Africa in a new light. The benefits will include reduced instances of visa restrictions for Africans.    

Final Word

The best gifts in life are for free. Therefore, no one is too poor not to give. The prevailing events of 2020 have made it more important to reach out to others. This holiday season, bring smiles to people’s faces. There is a joy that comes with doing something for someone that didn’t ask for it or cannot pay back. How do you intend to give back this holiday season? Let us know in the comment box below.


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