10 Lessons By PLO Lumumba That Can Spark Mental Shift In Africa

PLO Lumumba

Africa cannot change unless Africans and their leaders have a mental shift. This is the belief of Professor Patrick Otieno Lumumba. He is one of the few Africans that continually strive to make the continent better. He speaks his truth without fear or favorโ€”and it reverberates. The one-time Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission director believes in a United Africa. Unlike other activists and pan-Africanists that speak about the concept of African Unity like a fairytale, PLO Lumumba talks in practical terms.

The year 2020 is a year that we are all happy to be alive. However, some of the events of this year highlight the need for Africaโ€™s development. For example, while Europe and America are already vaccinating their citizens against COVID-19, Africans need to wait a little longer. Today we compile 10 lessons by PLO Lumumba that should help spark the much-needed mental and behavioral change in Africa. Tell us your favorite in the comment box below.

#1. Africans are waiting in vain for God

We were told to think out of the box. However, PLO Lumumba is submitting that we should think we should throw away the box because we do not know who brought the box. Africa has a culture of โ€˜over-religiosityโ€™. Churches are booming as people are looking for miracles rather than think of ways to solve their problems. Professor Lumumba said it is time for Africa to think and solve their problems rather than waiting for God or European countries. This is a direct charge to African leaders to wake up to their responsibilities. Listen to the video below.

#2. When Africans fight the Europeans love it

Africa is rich with mineral deposits which the world needs. For example, DR Congo has one of the largest deposits of cobalt. This element is useful in the electronic industry. For this reason, many Western countries are expanding their mining activities in Africa. Sadly, most of these minerals are illegally smuggled out of the continent while some of these companies only pay a paltry of the real value. For this โ€˜rapeโ€™ to keep happening, they need Africa to continually be in a state of disarray. The moment Africa becomes peaceful, exploitation will become unprofitable. Check out this video.

#3. The problem of Africa begins with the election of fools into office

It is not a secret that in most African nations, people are elected into office based on their religion or ethnicity rather than qualification. PLO Lumumba mentions how an African minister is a demigod. They donโ€™t queue for anything and move in long convoys. Lumumba mentions the importance of demystifying political leadership in Africa. However, he expresses optimism that this is changing because African youths are beginning to rise up and ask questions. The politics of the 21st century will be a competition of ideas.

#4. Africa doesnโ€™t need Europeโ€™s approval

Africans seem to have lost faith in themselves. For example, during elections in Africa, the African Union sends observers to the country. However, many Africans are more eager to hear about what the EU observers have to say. This phenomenon also occurs in other sectors. PLO Lumumba believes that Africa has dealt with diversity better than Europe. Therefore, it is time for Africa to define herself rather than living on the definitions of European countries.

#5. Africa needs decolonization of religion, culture, and economy

Most of the things that Africans know today were handed down to them by the Europeans. Thus, there is constant colonization of Africaโ€™s culture, religion, and economy. PLO Lumumba mentioned that during manโ€™s creation God molded sand and breathed unto it. Furthermore, he said that the last time he checked the soil was brown or black, not white. Without mincing words, PLO Lumumba insists that Africa is the cradle of civilization.

#6. Why Africa is attractive to China

Throughout history, Africa is attractive to different countries. However, Africa is currently attractive to China. According to PLO Lumumba, no country will call you because they want to help you. Rather, they are looking for ways to better their country. For Africa to become great, the continent needs to start feeding itself. Africa is one of the largest producers of Cocoa but why is the largest chocolate industry not in Africa? โ€˜I hold the view that when you are planning, you plan like you will never dieโ€™. African need to start planning their future to beat Asian incursion.

#7. Africa was designed to fail

According to PLO Lumumba, post-colonial Africa was designed to fail. However, many people are afraid to ask the question. The westerners came and took African lands by force. However, today they want to be compensated before they can relinquish such lands. Kwame Nkrumah in 1961 said that for Africa to work, the continents need to unite. However, as early as that time, Europe was already working to divide Africa. Perhaps, it is time that Africa needs to look back at some of the lessons of our heroes past.

#8. Education is the only thing that equalizes men and women

โ€˜The mind is the standard of human beingsโ€™. This is why education equalizes people. Professor PLO Lumumba emphasizes the need for Africans to change their mindset towards education. โ€˜No matter how tall you are, if your mind doesnโ€™t work well, you are a tall foolโ€™. The beauty of education is that it opens many doors for you. You can retire from one area and move to another. This is a direct charge for young Africans to take education more seriously.

#9. What is it in Africa that makes Europeans want to divide it?

Sadly, many African nations are at war because Western countries are funding sects to fight the system. According to PLO Lumumba, you only divide something that is useful like a wedding cake so that it will go round. Before it was the people. They shipped Africans to different countries. However, today they come to live in Africa because if you canโ€™t control Africa from outside you need to do it from within. Professor Lumumba believes Africa has all it takes to harness her resources. The video below explains it all.


#10. How to make Africa great Again

Within a short time, almost all the world leaders were in Africa for one reason or another. This gave meaning to the words, โ€˜If the mountain does not go to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountainโ€™. This brings to mind the question, what is it in Africa that the world is scrambling for? PLO Lumumba believes Africa needs to come together and emphasize what unites us and deemphasize what divides us. In this video, Lumumba highlights key steps African leaders can take to make the continent great again.



Truly, Africa can become great again. However, this is a collective effort that will need the contribution of the leaders and the followers. At the center of Africaโ€™s greatness, there should be unity and economic sustainability. If Africa gets these two areas right, like a domino effect, others will follow.

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