10 Gorgeous Crochet Faux Locs Hairstyles

curly locs Hair Fairy

Women are rarely satisfied with just one thing. Which is why we have a variety. That way everyone gets to choose what they want and need. Growing natural locs can be quite challenging, as it might mean you have to give up on a lot of other hairdos. Then it ends up being that thing you really wanted to do but couldn’t. Well, here’s the good news, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, because someone came up with the creation of crochet faux locs hairstyles. As a result, it looks and feels like real locs.

Just the perfect look for a romantic evening, family vacation, boss lady event and so much more. Plus you can wear it comfortably no matter the season or the reason. We know making a choice is not always easy, thus below is a variety of photos that will appeal to your sense of sight and help you decide which look best suits you.

 Faux Loc Hairstyle #1

The beauty of a woman, they say lies in her hair. The reason why women often pay extra attention to their hair amongst other things . which is why this partially braided faux locs crochet hairstyle is perfect for someone who wants to show off a little hair as they rock their faux locs.

Faux Loc Hairstyle


Faux locs Hairstyle #2

A woman’s confidence is part of her aura, and it says a lot about her. The goddess faux locs crochet hairstyle fits naturally like a crown on your pretty head. As it speaks for itself. Representing the proud classy and beautiful  Wakanda princess that you are.

goddess crochet

 Faux locs Hairstyle #3

For someone who loves to let down their hair, this is definitely what you need. But then it comes with a little twist as it has a slit in the middle so the hair doesn’t fall on your face. perfect for work and other events

twist Hairstyle

Faux locs Hairstyle #4

The world can be so bleak sometimes that we all need to add a little color to make it bearable. Nothing too drastic but just enough to say “hey I am simple sweet and a little mysterious”.

sweet and a little mysterious

Faux locs Hairstyle #5

Nowadays everyone goes on and on about inner beauty and we totally agree. But come to think about it, no one can tell how beautiful you are on the inside if they don’t get attracted by the outside first! in other words, you have to make the outside look as beautiful as the inside. Try something different, yes different is good too. Imagine a Marley look but in a feminine and sassy way. The locs are in color and totally curled! Such a diva. want to experience the feeling, go ahead and try it.

The locs are in color

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Faux locs Hairstyle#6

When grey meets black multiplied by style it equals to a completely beautiful out of the world look. and with the help of a bandana, you could personalize the entire picture. Life is too short to have boring hair. Dare yourself to try something you’ve never done before, and maybe you’ll find something in you, you never knew existed. Don’t forget, you only live once.

White Faux

 Faux locs Hairstyle #7

If you are aiming for that sultry yet sweet, innocent yet mysterious look, this crochet faux loc hairstyle is the ideal choice for you. with the right outfit, you could become anyone and play the role of sinner or saint. Imagine being a bond girl one minute, and Cinderella the next.! your options are quite limitless and can only be limited by you. Here`s your chance to live your dream, don’t think just do it!


 Faux locs Hairstyle #8

Talk about being noticed, this hairstyle gives a pop of color. It creates a very exciting and distinguished look.

pop of color

Faux locs Hairstyle #9

You can go into battle with this amazing faux locs crochet hairstyle and have your opponent tap out before the war even begins! Slit in the middle and small portions in forms of pompoms on the side, it just reeks of strength, readiness, and strategy on all fronts. You should look and feel like a winner already. Superwoman has got nothing on you.


Faux locs Hairstyle #10

This beautiful faux locs crochet hairstyle is quite interesting. Notice how a few edges are purple? that’s right, you don’t notice it instantly till you wonder where the glow on her face is coming from. Then bingo! you realize the little addition can go a long way to leave the simple look yet adding a little spice to the already sweet sauce.

Faux Loc Hairstyle


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